The Violence And Video Games Essay

The Violence And Video Games Essay

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Violence and Video Games

There is a lot of controversy surrounding violence and video games, many argue it helps society, while many others argue its ruining society with the content of the games, which seems a bit one sided with all of the negative things people can “blame” video games on.

scientists have run tests, done experiments, done extensive research and notes. Those that argue that it helps say that it provides an outlet for young children and adolescent teens with aggression, depression, and other issues as well as also helping develop a persons hand-eye coordination. they also argue that because people are playing these games it keeps bad things off the streets, saying it dropped the rate of crime. Those that disagree say that video games cause aggressive behavior and can even give cause to go through with shooting in their lives. that these games content makes these people anti-social or reclusive even suicidal. with both arguments showing studies, notes, and data to support their theories.

Death follows us all, no matter who you are or where, whether it be by nature or by a planned act it is quite saddening and unexpected for the most part. In the sake of others do you value life? Yet there 's something many speculate have created more death while others argue that it has prevented even more. Both sides having extensive studies and experiment data to show for it, violence in videogames and the content they hold. Many say they promote violence, yet theres people where videogames are the main topic between friends and even conversation starters between those of shy nature.

Michael ward, an economist at the university of texas, arlington states on video game violence “I don’t know that a psychological study c...

... middle of paper ...

...ically anyone playing, and theres is no study to show that it does not affect adults or adolescents more than children who are exposed. Anderson tells us that even with all the research in the world there will always be a way to prove or disprove myths and theories that come up, and that controversial topics such as this tend to lead to long winded arguments which all hit a dead end sooner or later, leading everyone afterwards to look back and question why it was in discussion in the first place.

In the end we have to realize that video games along with so many other things that have had skeptics agreeing and disagreeing on, these things have integrated into our society and our culture, i highly doubt there will ever be a cease on skepticism on video games but i don 't ever see them disappearing or anything huge causing a serious problem to these gaming corporations.

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