Essay on Violence And Video Games Bring Up Mass Shootings

Essay on Violence And Video Games Bring Up Mass Shootings

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Furthermore, tests like the TCRTT are subject to a lot of scrutiny. Many of the studies that use this form of testing “provide only questionable or inconsistent evidence” (Ferguson). To add to this, not all TCRTT are run the same. There are a total of four different measuring methods from this one test which allows the “risk of capitalizing on chance” (Ferguson), a very major problem when preforming a study. There is also no standard way of interpreting the results of measuring the results which allows bias to come through in results and further shows a reliance on chance. A major problem arises when things like this occur because it leaves a large amount of inadequate results that cannot be trusted as significant evidence.
On further analysis of this research it can be seen that a large number of journals on the topic of aggression and video games bring up mass shootings, more specifically, they bring up the shooting at Columbine High. The Columbine Massacre was a terrible incident that will always invoke a large emotional response in the hearts of people. Furthermore, this event has left a very large mark on the ledger of video game players everywhere. Events like these have led to a significant surge in claims of the affects that video games have on aggression in players. Emotional scares like this have no scientific support or standing and leads to a lot of fearmongering causing unjust assumptions in the public. Due to the misconceptions and misunderstandings caused by this, there will always be a block that causes biases. If this assumption is erased then there will be a better flow of research that will work to prove this issue isn’t as black and white as everyone has assumed over the years.
Over the years there has only bee...

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...ion as to why males are more affected. One major reason is that “boys are more likely to be exposed to violent video games than girls” (Shibuya et al.) due to gender roles in society. To be exact, due to the preconceived ideas of society it is more acceptable for boys to have a lot of exposure to those violent video games than it is for girls. Another thing to note is that “girls are more likely than boys to perceive violent scenes critically” (Shibuya et al.). As a result of this, girls are more able to separate themselves from the action and think of it in a more critical manner. Boys also “spent more time playing video games than girls” (Shie & Wiegman) which did not directly affect aggression levels but it may expose them to more of those violent scenes. In summary, there is a much higher chance that males are more subject to the aggression caused by video games.

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