The Violence And Crime Has Gone Down On The Past Years Essay

The Violence And Crime Has Gone Down On The Past Years Essay

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Aggression: Violence and crime has gone down in the past years. Misconceptions about crime and murders: the majority of cases is by someone are done. Homecide rates (the majority) done by partners. There is a common factor with aggression with kids: parental abuse, neglect or any other hardship in the childhood. Mitigating factors: lessen the severe act.
However, we see this consistency in parental abuse, and learning how to be abusive (Bandura’s learning). Aggression is learned, specially through witness. Seeing your parents being aggressive, it is very possible that you will end up being aggressive with your loved one. “This is how you are supposed to treat a women”

Berquowitz: studied parental abusive: you learn cues in the behavior that the mom expresses during the abusive act, and learn to associate that with the parental abuse. Interpret the moms behavior as a stimulus/cues and then the violent behavior as a consequence, and you will end up leaning that as a stimulus creating a cognitive expression. So the moment you hear a women ‘crying’ you will end up expecting a violent act. This makes them more prone to violent behaviors.

Both the abuser and the viewer make those cognitive connections. “The more video games you play the more aggressive you become” being exposed to internet and other shoes that have violent crimes on them as a kid, you are more likely to be aggressive too. Additionally, kids that are more aggressive, they will play more aggressive games. This makes it difficult to differentiate between the first correlation.
However, observing aggression increased the possibility of violent aggression.
The copy cat violence: people exposed about every single detail about the crime, are more likely to get engage...

... middle of paper ...

...rson. That is to say, to be able to feel what the her person is feeling, especially, Emotional empathy —> imagining how it could be like leads to a high emotional empathy.
There is another way of having empathy: not only being able to know how YOU would feel about it, and rather just understand that person and see how it is like to go through it through their personal lives instead of just how you specifically will feel about it.
Bill Ickes: this is the idea that under active listening trying to understand someones perspective—> will let you be able to read in between the lines and therefore having more empathy.
Altruism: despite the anger, if we are capable of recognizing that the other human is a person, then that would be able of putting frustration into a more positive and pro-social acts. They are human beings as they make mistake just like anyone else.

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