Violence And Black Violence : Black People, No One Wants You Around Essay

Violence And Black Violence : Black People, No One Wants You Around Essay

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If multiple news broadcasts from all the major news networks in the United States were to broadcast on national TV and the headlining story was Black people, no one wants you around. There would be national outrage and black people would organize, protest, boycott and even riot in opposition of this event. Athletes, entertainers, actors, and all other prominent black figures would sit for the national anthem. The NBA and NFL would instantly have lockouts in disapproval of what was reported, until someone from the government apologized. Black people would also expect President Obama and The First Lady to address this issue as well. These broadcasts alone may even lead black people to create self-sustaining businesses and become economically empowered. Black citizens would unite for the common good of all black people, which means the culture of violence and black on black crime would no longer be a serious issue. The question is, why would it take a nationally televised broadcast to finally get black people to unify and provide for themselves? There is confirmation provided daily from occurrences such as white flight, bias in the criminal justice system, and even articles/posts on social media providing proof that no one wants black people around.
Evidence of this is derived from observing the actions of other Americans. White flight is one example of how the actions of fellow Americans verify they do not want black people around. What exactly is white flight? White flight is “the departure of whites from places (urban neighborhoods or schools) increasingly or predominantly populated by minorities” (“White Flight”). If black people were such a pleasure to be around then why don’t whites want to be in predominately black neighborh...

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...k people everywhere, because this implies this country is not black citizen’s home. Therefore, it is safe to say no one would ask anyone to leave a place they are welcome.
Creating discriminatory laws, isolating themselves from blacks, and negative social media posts all symbolize how black people are not wanted in the United States. This all comes as no surprise in lieu of recent events of police brutality. The only thing that matters in the United States is the black dollar. If black lives are not valued more than money, why give it to people who don’t consider you citizens and want you gone? By now, black people should be motivated to unite (stop killing each other) and build their own businesses, communities, and become economically self-sufficient. Since blacks are not wanted in the United States do not expect anyone to create laws to ensure complete equality.

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