Essay on Violence Against Women Around The Globe

Essay on Violence Against Women Around The Globe

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“There was a clock, a digital clock on the shelf by the table. Having the clock there was very important to me. It was my only reminder that the world was continuing as usual, despite what was happening to me (Don’t wall me a survivor by Emilie Morgan).” The quote from above is the author 's experience of being raped. Violence against women around the globe like the scenario of rape stated above is an issue which keeps women from obtaining equality and from living a happy life. There are various factors which contribute to gender violence globally. Taking this issue into mind then maybe certain suggestions for structures changed may be reached to lessen these issues.
A factor which may contribute certain crimes against women may be the way the media portrays women and men. Masculinity is often associated with violence (Gendered worlds 285.) Men are expected to act a certain way and fit into the idea of being a man. This idea of being a man is often obtained from the media. The media often shows that beer is the way to accomplish masculine (Gendered Worlds pg. 420.) The media also p...

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