Violence Against Women And Domestic Violence Essay

Violence Against Women And Domestic Violence Essay

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Violence against women (VAW) is now considered and recognized as a public health predicament and a human rights infringement of a worldwide scale and force (Ono, 2013; Raj & Silverman, 2002). Research evidence exists for it serving as a crucial social determinant of health and its resulting vast and damaging impact on physical and mental health for women in Canada (Sharma, 2001). Violence as a concept includes diverse forms of abuse that are directed at women and girls across their lifetime. One critical category or form of violence against women is domestic violence. For the purpose of this paper terms violence against women and domestic violence will be used interchangeably. Domestic violence has been recognized as a critical social problem in Canada (Allagia & Maiter, 2006). It has been estimated that nearly 653,000 women have experience diverse forms of abuse and violence in Canada (Statistics Canada, 2010).
Historically in North America, the Women’s movement of the 1970’s has been influential in fostering awareness about the issue of domestic violence (Landau, 2006). However it was unsuccessful in taking into account the concerns of racially marginalized women (Chokshi, Desai & Adamali, 2009, Dasgupta, 2000). Evidence exists to support the multidimensional and complex nature of how violence against women plays out in the context of racially marginalized South Asian women (Goel, 2005; Raj & Silverman, 2002). Research had found that the damaging effect and traumatic experience of domestic violence among South Asian women in Canada is further magnified due to the multiple identities they ascribe to on the basis of diverse factors such as race, religion, culture, gender and so on (George & Rashidi, 2014; Goel, 2005). Gender ha...

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...e situation (Goel, 2005). In a scenario when a woman gathers the courage to disclose the abuse she is often stigmatized, considered a deviant in her social group and experiences character assassination in highest decree (Goel, 2005). Moreover a South Asian woman is largely seen as economically unviable and faces discrimination in professional life further pushing her to the edge and marginalization (Merchant, 2000). From an anti-oppressive approach it is vital to explore the creation of ‘violent space’ that contributes to a multifaceted discrimination of South Asian women (Razack, 2003). In other words an interplay and intersectionality of factors such as racism, discriminatory immigration laws, financial discrimination and culturally practiced patriarchal norms and gender roles contributes to the systemic structural oppression of South Asian women (Razack, 2003).

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