The Violence Against Black People Essay

The Violence Against Black People Essay

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After Zimmerman was acquitted, protest erupted across the United States. The protestors were calling for justice for the slain teen, Trayvon Martin. People voiced their outrage via traditional local marching and social media. As soon as the verdict was announced, Alicia Garza, a worker’s activist immediately posted on Facebook, “Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter.” From this phrase spawned the controversial term, Black Lives Matter. Patrisse Cullers, a friend and fellow activist of Alicia was the one who actually post the Black Lives Matter hash tag.

With the advent and of social media and high tech camera video phones, we have been able to capture police brutality. The police violence against Black people has been happening all along but it is now in your face visible to naked eye.

In addition to the Zimmerman case, there were 2 more incidents that were paramount in igniting the Black lives movement and setting fertile conditions for the Black Lives Movement to flourish.
Eric Garner and Michael Brown were two African American victims who died at the hands of police officers

Eric Garner was an African American father of six children who was arrested in Staten Island for the suspicion of trying to sell cigarettes. He tried to explain his situation to the police officers but they did not believe him. After a heated verbal exchange with the police, they forcefully arrested him. In the brutal take down of Eric Garner, they put him in a chokehold. On the video this is clearly seen and what resonated across America was Eric’s words.” I can’t breathe.” This video was viewed as inhumane and unjustified by most Americans.

The last case which was instrumental in galvanizing the Black Lives Matter organization was th...

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...nizations and it has given birth to many offspring including Campaign O, a Chicago organization dealing with changing the policy of police practice. There is Fight 15 from here locally in the Bay Area which helps to raise minimal wages to $15.00 per hour. Some New York activist began a super PAC of Black Lives Mater which addresses the bias of housing and gentrification.Black Lives Matter has a significant number of prominent LGBT members whose goal is to achieve equality along with bringing attention to the senseless killings of African american transgender women. The movement has branched out to college campuses and the case involving racism and the University of Missouri most recently made national news.the football team all united all one team and boycotted team functions until the president of the University resigned for failing to denounce racism on the campus.

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