Vincent Van Gogh's Wheat Fields With Cypress Essay

Vincent Van Gogh's Wheat Fields With Cypress Essay

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Vincent Van Gogh has a reputation for creating beautiful works of art under abnormal circumstances. On May 8, 1889, Van Gogh voluntarily checked himself into Saint- Rémy mental asylum suffering from acute mania, which provoked hallucinations that caused him to cut his ear off. Fields of wheat and olive groves surrounded the asylum, which had a view of Alpilles Mountains , Van Gogh sent a letter to his brother Theo in which he wrote, “ Beyond the window with its iron bars I can see a walled-in field of wheat”. Van Gogh appreciated this field of wheat to such an extent; he depicted the scene numerous times in his paintings. One of his most famous paintings is Wheat Fields With Cypresses. Van Gogh painted this piece in 1889 using the impasto technique. This oil on canvas creation is about 28 ¾ by 36 ¾ inches and is currently displayed in the Annenberg Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. When I saw the painting, the first thing I noticed is that it was placed in the center back wall of the room, directly in front of the bench. This made me feel that the artwork surrounding it was almost inferior, in a sense, compared to Van Gogh’s piece. I noticed that the frame has less detailing on it than some of the other works in the room, and also, the size of the frame made it seem as if the paining was significantly smaller in size even though it is not. Wheat Fields With Cypresses represents Van Gogh’s inner thoughts and emotions through his use of colors and his interpretation of the surrounding landscape.
The painting depicts a scene of peace and beauty; however, the different elements in the landscape hold symbolism in the eyes of Van Gogh. The painting includes the field of wheat, the olive trees, and the ...

... middle of paper ...

...; however, the deeper you look the sadder everything actually is (his mental state). Van Gogh is one of the most known post-impressionists around the world; his artwork is still being enjoyed today.
Vincent Van Gogh had a humble upbringing. As a pastor’s son, he believed that he should give back to his community, but failed. It was not until his early thirties that he completed his first successful piece of artwork. Demons in his head kept him from the normalcy he craved and he found himself in hospital for the insane. He completed a series of paintings that depict the surrounding landscape of the institution, one on the most famous being Wheat Fields With Cypresses. Van Gogh never truly realized his greatness and at the young age of 37, he shot himself. Unfortunately, he never got to see the appreciation and recognition his art receives, even 124 years later.

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