Vincent Van Gogh 's Starry Night Essay

Vincent Van Gogh 's Starry Night Essay

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Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch artist who painted Starry Night, was disrespected and unappreciated for his works during his life. However, today he is considered one of the greatest Dutch painters. Today, his work is known for its detail, beauty, and emotion. One might claim that Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night depicts his insanity. However, his painting Starry Night depicts his feelings of isolation, his feelings of alienation, and the appreciation he thought he would soon achieve during his lifetime.
Van Gogh’s painting represents his feelings of isolation. According to an article by K Shabi, “The feelings of isolation Van Gogh must have experienced as a struggling and unappreciated artist before and after he entered the asylum are visible in Starry Night and literally color the overall meaning of the painting” (Shabi). In case one does not know the purpose of an asylum, an asylum is a shelter that offers support for people who are mentally ill. An asylum is not meant for interaction with other people, rather it is meant to isolate the patients from harming other people or themselves because of their illness.
Furthermore, Van Gogh felt alienated from the other artists of his time. The little houses, for example, are all painted with dark colors to express that the townspeople are asleep and ignorant to the feelings of isolation that Van Gogh had. Melanie claims, “[...] the sleepy village represents the rest of the world, unaware of whatever raging passions and agony Van Gogh was going through at that moment. Perhaps this is why the houses seem to appear so far away even though they are actually more or less in the foreground” (Lee). These feelings of alienation and isolation caused Van Gogh to commit himself to the asyl...

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...est of the world, but he also felt isolated from the experiences the rest of the world had, such as falling in love and being loved in return.
Van Gogh was not insane, rather he was a lonely soul trying to receive the attention he deserved for his art. Feelings of depression and anxiety do not make a person insane, rather it is how one acts on these emotions. Van Gogh was worried for his future and the future of his art. Starry Night demonstrates Van Gogh’s feelings of isolation from the rest of the world, Van Gogh’s feelings of depression, and Van Gogh’s anxiety about the future he hoped to achieve during his lifetime. Starry Night’s vibrant colors and thick brush strokes convey Van Gogh’s similarity to Joseph and his encounters with his brothers. Through every detail, each aspect of Starry Night signifies Van Gogh’s intense as a result of his solitude from society.

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