Vincent Van Gogh And The Cafe Terrace Essay

Vincent Van Gogh And The Cafe Terrace Essay

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Vincent van Gogh was born with his name and birthday already etched onto a tombstone. No wonder Vincent Van Gogh had so many mental illnesses and problems he probably thought his life was destined for doom. To add to that his life didn’t have that many positives and even though people all over the world love his work he only sold one in his lifetime. In my opinion the best art is the one that makes you feel something and Vincent Van Gogh’s work can make me happy, sad or just plain peaceful. Vincent Van Gogh conveys so much color and emotion in his work that makes you wish you saw the world in the way that he did. Vincent Van Gogh and his two works The Cafe Terrace on the Place Du Forum and At Eternity’s Gate are my favorites.
Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in Zundert, Netherlands to Theodorus van Gogh and Anna Cornelia Carbentus. His mother, Anna had a love for drawing which was passed on to Vincent and his father Theodorus was a country minister. When he was eleven he was moved from the village school in Zundert to a boarding school in Zevenbergen where he was unhappy because he had to leave his family. Around the age of thirteen Vincent was then transferred to a secondary school in Tilburg where he earned good grades but in March, 1968 he abruptly quit school for unknown reasons. In Fact in one of his letters to his brother Theo, who he was very close to, he wrote "My youth was gloomy and cold and sterile." It shows that he probably wasn’t very happy as a child but that’s probably because of the many mental illnesses he had. At the age of sixteen, Vincent’s uncle found him a job as a trainee at the art dealer Goupil & Cie in The Hague branch. A year later his brother Theo joined him at the job and that broug...

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... kind and simple or at least that’s what he seems like to me. The way he saw the world is so beautiful even though he had a lot of struggles and should’ve had a jaded outlook on life he painted it with so much color and happiness. Vincent Van Gogh fell in love with many but they never loved him back and he was always heartbroken. He wanted to teach people about the teachings of Christ but they said he took the teachings too literally. His art was his escape but no one saw the beauty that we see today. Vincent Van Gog faced rejection in every turn he took in life so it doesn’t make me wonder why he gave up on life. Though the one question I do have is what would happen if Vincent Van Gogh could see how loved he is today? Everyone has a different opinion and that’s what makes us human but I know we can all agree on the fact that Vincent Van Gogh was an artistic genius.

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