Essay on Villain Rescue : Rescue By Hero

Essay on Villain Rescue : Rescue By Hero

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Saivikash Nalli
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Villainous Rescue: Rescue by Hero

It’s the hero’s job to save person in distress from the bad guys, but sometimes it’s the bad guys who are in danger. We see a similar pattern that repeats in almost every movie and T.V. This “Villainous Rescue” trope we see when the hero rescues the villain. It shows how the hero character is good and even shows the mercy towards the villain. This trope has change over time because in early 2000’s most fiction works that had villains rescued by heroes converted to become good guys, but in modern times the trope had evolved over time because most modern villains that are saved by the heroes stay villains.
I have seen many movies to prove my point that villainous rescue, and how it is helpful to heroes and villains in movies and TV shows. In a movie Jurassic Park III, realized on 2001. Billy is the bad character in this movie. He traveled with Dr. Alan Grant, Paul Kirby and Amanda Kirby to Isla Sorna to help rescue their son, Eric who became trapped on the island with a family friend. Velociraptors are attack that group because Billy had stolen the velociraptors eggs to make money. That’s makes him, he is a bad character and a villain. After that Grant said to Billy “no better than the people who built this place.” These words changed the Billy into the good path and he realizes what is his mistake? After that he sacrifices his own life to save the Grant son from Pteranodons. But Billy is not actually dead. He rescued from marines. End of the movie Grant return the eggs to Velociraptors that shows how the hero character is good. Grant forgives Billy for his actions on the Isla Sorna Island. Grant forgiveness is the key point of being rescued.
Another movie in e...

... middle of paper ...

...ey don’t want us to see that Ezra is bad. They also show the emotion when Tseebo fell of the cliff on Ezra’s face to tell that felt sympathy of the villain’s death. So, he can be a good character. At the end of the season one they show preview of the season two. In that preview Tseebo was survived and he put the some kind of mask, I think because of the fire. They showed him with anger because he eyes are red color and they were become brighter, and his scary mask tells the he was become more evil than before.

We can see that in the early 2000’s movies, how the villainous saved by the heroes and change their character to the good. Going all these years the trope has changed. Even though the villainous saved by the heroes there are not changing the character they still remaining bad. They don’t have any mercy that hero saved him. That’s how it was changed.

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