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The Vikings Of The Viking Era Essay

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Fierce warriors that pillaged and destroyed hundreds and thousands of villages. Brave men and women that crossed seas into the unknown. These superhero-like beings were Vikings. Many people thought of the Vikings to be savages that destroyed anything they touched, had no care for anything, and were beasts of humans. However, the Vikings had goals. They wanted prosperous farmland, a successful life, travel the world, and to know that someone of a higher power was looking out for them. Vikings believed in a polytheism or the worship of more than one god. These gods and goddesses were all “in charge” of a certain job that varies like knowledge, war, or fertility. The stories the Vikings told spoke from how the world was created to the many different gods and goddesses and how they worship them, so that they can be protected or saved.
The Viking Era was known to be around 793 A.D to 1066 A.D, but no one really knew of these gods and goddesses that the Vikings worshipped. However an Icelandic man by the name of Snorri Sturluson wrote “Prose Edda” around 1222 A.D. Prose Edda shed light onto these Viking myths and legends. However “, Snorri was careful to point out what he did not believe in the old stories, and instead made the remarkably modern suggestion that most stories of the Viking “gods” were actually muddled fables about half-forgotten ancestors”(Clements 77). As his book and later on books grew more popular the Viking myths and legends were uncovered from the dust and historians gained more knowledge of these all powerful beings that the mighty Vikings worshipped.
There are many different versions of how the earth was created such as scientific reasoning, and “otherworldly” reasoning. A common explanation in Viking stories wer...

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...pening. There were many different forms of worship and “the majority of Heathen worship involves gifting, or making offerings. Typical offerings include drink, bread, items the worshiper has made or grown, or incense. Heathens offer items to the Holy Powers in exchange for favor for themselves or others. Many Heathens refer to this type of gifting worship as blót”(Seigfried). Many people back then and even some today thought of Vikings as devil like and called them pagans. They thought this because the Vikings would sacrifice their own people and animals in these offerings and rituals. However, the Vikings thought of being sacrificed to the gods was a great honor because then they would be feasting up in Valhalla.
The Vikings were regular people with different beliefs. The gods and goddesses were warriors and great and powerful beings that seemed too good to be true.

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