Vigilantes: Cleaning Out The Wound Essay

Vigilantes: Cleaning Out The Wound Essay

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Do you believe in vigilantism? Do you believe in criminals and outlaws being punished for their crimes in the name of justice? What if you knew someone who was so close to you, you would do whatever it took to find those responsible for the pain they caused and punish them in the name of justice. Would you walk down the path of a vigilante and help bring about an end to their tyranny? Vigilantism can be looked at as crime if you look at it in a negative way, or it can be looked at in a positive way. Many vigilantes help make the world a better place every day by doing away with the evil people in this world who kidnap, rape, murder, and loot people in the streets. Vigilantism is justified because the vigilantes help make the world a better place and help bring to justice the ones that the law cannot catch.
American vigilantism began way in the Deep South and old west during the 1700s when the criminal justice system was ineffective or if the law itself was considered corrupted. Groups of people would join as one and would call themselves vigilance committees and these people would get together to banish or kill those who threatened their communities, their families, or their privileges and lives which they worked so hard to establish(mega links). The states of Texas, Montana, California, other states located in the south, and in the city of New Orleans, these were where many hotbeds for vigilante activity were located in the United States history. Countless accounts of criminals being tarred and feathered, hanged, and shot by vigilance committees have been documented in the southern states. The record for the bloodiest vigilante activity from 1863 to 1865 lies in the state of Montana. Hundreds of thieves suspected of stealing ho...

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...r helping keep the community safe because it is what they truly deserve. If someone in your family was viciously murdered, wouldn’t you want to see them punished for what they have done? Without vigilantism, thugs may eventually take over and soon the entire world could fall under corruption. Even if you do decide not to go after the killer of your family member, what would you do? Would you just sit there and move on and try to heal. Well you can’t heal a wound unless you’ve cleaned it out.

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