Essay on Views on Choosing Teaching Methods

Essay on Views on Choosing Teaching Methods

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Views on Choosing Teaching Methods

When confronted with the methodological diversity, some teachers feel comfortable to adopt one particular method consonant with their own beliefs, experiences and fundamental views about teaching and learning. They may get well trained in the method for teaching their subjects, and this particular method could also be well documented with plenty of research evidence supporting it. This is the view of one method being the best.
There is another group of teachers. They think that because there are so many different teachers, school subjects, learning levels, and students, it is impossible that one method could be suitable to all. On the other hand, considering that every method has its weakness and strength, these teachers argue that the best choice is to select different methods for teachers and learners in different contexts.
However, in the profession, there are more and more teachers believe that teaching is full of contingencies that require a response in the moment that may be more intuitive than a conscious philosophical position. As a result, when asked what teaching methods should be employed in class, these teachers might say, “it depends.” This answer, showing the wisdom of practice, has brought to light a “deep structure” issue regarding the implementation and selection of a teaching method, that is, too many important factors and decisions are outside the control of the teachers. As Fanselow (1987) observed that perhaps as little as tow percent of the variance that contributes to learning may be controlled by the teacher (1987:11).

Relationship between Teaching and Management

Broadly defined, a teaching method could be recognized as comprising mainly two organically ...

... middle of paper ... with class management issues, it is clear that it is not enough for a teacher just know how to implement different strategies or tactics. We should also emphasize to pool the teachers’ efforts together (by different grades). We need to provide the support to each other’s class management, and share the most effective strategies and tactics.
On the other hand, while strengthening the communication with the parents, and encouraging their active involvement, the school administrators should lead and work with all the faculty and staff to build up a positive subculture in school in order to suppress the negative influences from the outside, hence, creating a healthy teaching and leaning environment for school. Only with all these strategies implemented cooperatively, can it be possible that teachers will achieve a better class management and successful teaching.

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