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Views of Organizational Conflict Essay examples

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Views of Organizational Conflict
Conflict occurs in many organizations. It is important to understand what conflict is and to identify the models that are represented in many criminal justice agencies. Associated Press reporter Jordan Michael Smith expressed in his article that there was significant failures that prevented the CIA, FBI and other criminal justice agencies and departments from gathering and pooling resources during the September 11, 2001 attack on the Twin Towers. This was due to organizational conflict, which fell directly under operational planning. (Smith, 2012) Organizational conflict can fall under, (1) The Traditional View; (2) the Human Relations View; (3) the Interactionist View of organization conflict.
Traditional View
The Traditional View states that conflict is dysfunctional, destructive and it is irrational. This often occurs when communication is poor or breaks down. It also encompasses the lack of trust and responsibility to others in time of need. The Traditional View highlighted itself in workplaces until the 1940’s and created a belief that all conflict was harmful and should be avoided at all cost. (Robbins & Judge, 2013, p. 447) It was discovered that the Traditional View offered a non-evasive philosophy to conflict when it was discovered that a certain amount of conflict in the workplace is not only inevitable but can improve objectivity. The Traditional View suggests that the impending organization is not structured to withstand the causes of conflict. A person who substantiates the Traditional View ignores the positive outcome that conflict can give but rather feels that increasing a central power in the organization and by isolating the conflicting individuals would best be ser...

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