Viewing 12 Years A Slave For The First Time Essay

Viewing 12 Years A Slave For The First Time Essay

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Viewing 12 Years A Slave for the first time was excruciating. The director of the film depicts a vivid view of the horror that African Americans endure during the slavery era. He illustrates one man 's journey, Solomon Northup, starting out as a free man, being captured, becoming property, to finally being able to see his family in this same lifetime. The writer 's objective for the viewer was to create a timeline of events that could happen to one through this horrific stage. By glimpsing into one person 's life of bondage as a viewer, you can truly empathize with the main character as well as others who endured enslavement.
Free Man
Living In Saratoga, New York in 1841, Solomon Northup was a husband, father, exceptionally talented violinist, and well-educated man. His wife was a chef that traveled to Sandy Hills during the year for employment. They together raised two children and eldest daughter and son. Upon his wife leaving for three weeks on duty Solomon was approached by two Caucasian men Mr. Brown and Hamilton, who stated to be in a search for talent. They were able to lure him to accompany them to Washington, where he would be compensated extraordinary wages fro his talents and contributions. With Solomon 's intelligence, he asked a multitude of questions before finally not being able to resist such high salaries. Manipulated into leaving New York, where he was a free man and was chained in Washington to be then treated as a slave. Foreshadowing some of African Americans, anxiety about trusting other races, specifically Caucasians. Remembering the past events of being tricked out of freedom or as detailed in Case for Reparations cheated out of property they owned for years or were entitled to some still harbor...

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...shaping a tool from a branch and using berries as a form of ink. Master Epps hired Bass to build a gazebo. Solomon begins to become acquainted with Bass after he questioned Master Epps religion about his mistreatment of the Blacks. One day conversing with Bass Solomon admits to his years of travel and his acquired knowledge. Bass then questions his path to the South and Solomon reveals his journey to present day. After seeing Bass 's reaction, he asks him to write his friends in the North explaining his circumstances, and to kindly send his free papers. Nevertheless, the last scene shows a man approaching on chariot asking Plad to step forth. He demands Plad to state his real name and information about family and origin. He requires Solomon to join him in leaving, and Solomon reunited with his family, his wife, and children, and finally can see his grandson, Solomon.

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