Outsiders in The Flying Machine, The Pedestrian, and I See You Never

Outsiders in The Flying Machine, The Pedestrian, and I See You Never

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Outsiders in The Flying Machine, The Pedestrian, and I See You Never

The Flying Machine, in this the ousider is the Inventor. He is classed
as an outsider because he is seen to be a threat.(outisde accepted

The Pedestrian, in this the outsider is Mr Leonard Mead he is classed
as an outsider because he walks the street on a night, which is seen
to be outside the norm of society.

I See You Never, in this the outside is Mr Ramirez he is an outsider
because he is an immigrant and his visa ran out long ago. (Outside the

The theme of these stories seems to be the society against the
individual and these individuals as lonely people especially Mr
Leonard Mead in the Pedestrian as he is seen in the story as walking
around at night talking to houses and things.

Do I sympathise with the outsiders?

I do sympathise with two of the outsiders and these are Mr Leonard
Mead and The Inventor. I sympathise with these because they really
haven't done anything seriously wrong. I think that the Inventor
shouldn't have been executed for something so little. He was really
just following his dreams of inventing. And I sympathise with Mr
Leonard Mead because he seems to be a social but lonely man enjoying a
walk out in the evening. I can't see how this can be a reason for him
to be arrested. It seems that in the Pedestrian if you all didn't act
the same and have the same things you were an outsider anyway.

Personally, I don't sympathise with Mr Ramirez because he is illegally
in the country and his visa ran out so really he is an outsider in
this country.

Mr Ramirez broke the law. He overstayed his time limit and took up
permanent living. We are told 'He only had a permanent visa'.

There are too many immigrants that are allowed in this we don't need
any more that aren't.

'He only had a temporary visa'

All these Outsiders have a lot in common as they are all victims and
are being punished for doing nothing in the stories this is clear that
they haven't done anything serious.

What do the stories have in common?

The stories have a lot in common as they all are based around people
that are not the same as everyone else. Each story has an outsider,
someone who is different in the different societies. All the outsiders
are punished in every story some for hardly anything and others for

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illegal things. All three of these stories have something in common
with one another whether it is the outsider or just the style that the
story is written in.

How are the stories different?

The stories are different in there own way they are all about the same
one thing, an outsider in their community. The different ways the
setting and the people are described by Ray Bradbury give each story
its own individuality. Two have a sudden twist to the ending these
either being executed or sent away back to poverty and a poor way of
life and living.
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