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Charlie Chan

Charlie Chan/ “Rush Hour” movies similar in actors playing similar characters,

different in production values and tones. In both of the movies the black actors

use coon characteristics. Whereas in Charlie Chan movies Mantan Moreland has the

descriptive pop eyes that are mentioned in coon characteristics (Bogle72-74). He uses

this high-pitched voice when he speaks (Bogle72-74). He also is shown in the movies

when he dances in certain situations. He is known for one of the movies greatest clowns,

And in many cases his comic relief is very sudtle.

Chris Tucker one of the best comedians in this day and age. Tucker has been

known also for his pop eyes (Bogle 72-74). In both of his movies, “Rush Hour” and

“Rush Hour 2” he dances to varies types of music. He also has this high voice, that

seems to be somewhat annoying (Bogle 72-74). He uses his dancing skills to bring

laughter to the audience. Tucker is a natural clown in all of his movies; he clowns during

serious situation, and constantly brings a joke to the problems that have arisen. Chris

Tucker has his way of bringing comedy to the picture. In the movies that he has been

pictured in has constant comedy. His comedy is everlasting and doesn’t stop for anything.

Both Charlie Chan and Jackie Chan (Lee) play a detective in their films. Charlie

Chan doesn’t speak very much English in his movies. He is very patient with his partner

and the way that he handles things. His demeanor is set to be very intelligent, undercover,

Low profile, and patient (Charlie Chan’s Secret 2). Jackie Chan also has some of the

same characteristics as Charlie Chan does. In the movies, Jackie Chan has to always try

to fix some of the problems that his partner creates. Most of the time when trying to solve

certain cases, he likes to be the undercover, low profile officer, same as Charlie Chan.

His demeanor is to never let his guard down, but at the same time keep focused on case.

In Charlie Chan movies, which were made in the thirties and forties. The picture

is made in black and white. At that time the color for these types of movies was not as

popular. The running time of the movie was 60 minutes.

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It never ran very much longer

than that, nor shorter. Most of his films were made on the sound stage. Which would be

set to set an imaginary scene play. “Rush Hour” movies are made in color. With the high

level of technology these days it would not be good for producers to run a film in black

and white. It is usual that the running time of the “Rush Hour” movie would be about 1

Hour and 30mintues. All “Rush Hour” movies are shot on location. Wherever the scene is

to be taking place, then that is where the movie would be filmed.

If you have ever watched a “Rush Hour” movie, you would notice that they tone

of they movie is very comical. There is always some type of laughter going on in the

movie. Even though the movie is portrayed to be trying to solve a case, there is less

mystery of the movie, but a lot more action. In the “Rush Hour” movie it is compacted

with a large amount of action packed scenes. The majority of the movie is dominated by

its humor. It doesn’t matter the mood of the scene there always is bit of laughter that

seems to overcome the seriousness.

Where on the other hand in Charlie Chan movies the tone is way more serious.

Which makes the film way more mysterious to the audience. The comedy that is in the

movie is an incidental humor. It is extremely subtle and goes unnoticed at times.

Both movies have their similarities, but at the same time they both have a lot

differences. In Charlie Chan movies the plot of the movie is set to be more serious,

where in “Rush Hour” movies the plot is have a lot more comical relief. The gist of both

the movies is to solve the mystery, and in both the films it doesn’t matter the amount

of differences the plot is the still the same.


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