Human Equality as an Impossible Ideal in Animal Farm

Human Equality as an Impossible Ideal in Animal Farm

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How do the events in Animal Farm show human equality to be an
impossible ideal, not a practical reality?

One of the main themes of the book is the effect of power on leaders
and how it leads to corruption, propaganda and most of all inequality,
and in this book, inequality is shown through out and there are many
different examples of it.

The main event in the beginning of the book is old major’s speech,
where he starts it by mentioning how unequal human are to the animals
and how they don’t do any work as they are the leaders of all
creatures. He implied that the other animals should get rid of man so
that his dream can be fulfilled and create a society where all animals
are created equal. Just as Old major dies, the pigs create “Animalism”
and the seven commandments under the intention of equality, even as
they have just automatically chose themselves as leaders of the
revolution and the other animals.

The rebellion wasn’t really led by the pigs; it occurred when the
animals got mad after a long day without food, the pigs unequally
became leaders without actually taking a huge part in it. After Mr.
Jones is kicked out and the animals’ hope of an equal society rose,
they started working hard while the pigs didn’t do any work under the
excuse of the need of supervision.

Another example of the inequality of the pigs is after the apple
harvest where they took it for themselves claiming that they need fuel
while the other animals are the ones who need it as they work harder.

During the successful defensive fight against Mr. Jones, all the
animals fight equally, Snowball and boxer did an excellent job, except
napoleon who didn’t turn up for the fight.

Napoleon is becoming increasingly corrupt and unjust. After the
effective speech by snowball which made snowball more popular and was
going to divert the votes to him, Napoleon “uttered a high-pitched
whimper” and the dogs chased snowball of the farm, which confirmed the
untrustworthiness of napoleon. And subsequently the inequality began
to increase at a more severe rate.

The animals gradually become like slaves doing napoleon’s plans and
doing whatever he likes, moreover they are forced to work on Sundays
but Napoleon rests like he does all over the week.

Yet he starts trading and starts progressively breaking the

What is more, he horrifies the hens after their refusal of giving the
pigs their eggs for money by cutting the food supply on them and
starving them until 9 of them died, so that they agree on giving the

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And he executes several animals after an attempted rebellion breaking
another commandment.

Napoleon moves to the farm house becoming a dictatorial president with
body guards.

After another defensive battle , boxer is badly hurt and he is sold to
the glue maker for money,

Snowball was fairly equal and he resembled old major’s vision of the
new animal life. He tried to educate the animals to make them equal to
the pigs in terms of literacy.

He also wants to build windmill to bring in electricity. He
principally aims to make the life in animal farm much better and
comfortable for all the animals without exceptions.
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