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H.G. Wells

Herbert George Wells was born in 1866 in Bromley, Kent. His career as
an author was fostered by an unfortunate accident as a child. He broke
his leg and spent the mandatory rest period reading every book which
he could find. Wells was awarded a scholarship and furthered his
education at the Normal School of Science in London. It was at the
Normal School that Wells came under the wing of the famous biologist
Thomas H. Huxley. Wells' "science fiction" (although he never called
it such)was clearly influenced by his studies at the Normal School and
his interest in biology.

H.G. Wells gained fame with his first major fiction work: The Time
Machine in 1895. Soon after the publication of this book, Wells
followed with The Island of Dr. Moreau (1895), The Invisible Man
(1897), and perhaps his most famous popular work: The War of the
Worlds (1898).

Over the years Wells became concerned with the fate of human society
in a world where technology and scientific study were advancing at a
rapid pace. For a period he was a member of The Fabian Society, a
group of social philosophers in London. Wells's later works became
less science fiction and more social critique.

The accuracy of the "science" in Wells's work has often been called
into question. It is rumored that Wells and the French novelist Jules
Verne actually criticized each other's writing. Wells's claim was that
"Verne couldn't write himself out of a paper sack" and Verne accused
Wells of having "scientifically implausible ideas." The science may
not be accurate, but the adventure and philosophy in those books makes
Wells' early science fiction fun and fascinating to read.

Herbert George Wells was born in 1866 in Bromly, a small town near
London. He attended college and graduated with a degree in biology.
His lower-middle-class background and his knowledge of science
influenced his writings. He thought that science would make a better
world. He also thought that that humans would destroy their own race
by having a big atomic war and eventually kill each other off. Some of
the books Wells wrote were The Time Machine, The Invisible Man The War
of the Worlds and The Island of Doctor Moreau. He was very famous in
his lifetime, and his books sold well. His book War of the Worlds was
a radio drama, performed on Halloween night in 1938. Many people tuned
in after they said "This is only a story", so they thought that
Martian aliens were attacking Earth. So people grabbed their rifles
and jumped in their cars and took off. H.G. Wells died in his sleep on

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August 13, 1946.

Wells's enduring fame is shown in the things he tried to do.
Wells used his wealth and respect to write and influence people to
change society. Wells attempted and succeeded in outlining history
from the day man began, when other authors did not think of
undertaking this challenge. His books told of futures of humankind
evolving into smarter beings through science. His books also predicted
humankind would destroy itself. Some times Wells had readers that
liked his books and told everybody about them, sometimes he had people
that would hold riots trying to persuade people not to buy his books
because of issues like women's rights and his criticism of the slums.
H.G. Wells was sometimes scorned and ridiculed. His actions took
courage. During that time if anybody supported of women's rights he
would be laughed and ridiculed. Wells was frustrated with society
while other people didn't even care to see how and why it should be
changed. Wells was a humanitarian, he wanted to help people out. H.G.
Wells had initiative which means he did the right thing on impulse.
Initiative makes good people. He did what was right, not what was
accepted. H.G. Wells was a person that knew what it was like to be
living in less-than-decent places and stood up and earned the
influence to try to stop it. His enduring fame is found in the
messages in his books. Society never got it while he was writing it,
but after that we knew he was saying "Shape up or suffer."
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