Differences and Similarities of Short Stories

Differences and Similarities of Short Stories

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Differences and Similarities of Short Stories

In this essay I will be comparing the differences and similarities of
four short stories I have read, , 'The Signalman', The Red Room', 'The
Man with the Twisted Lip' and 'The Withered Arm' also I will be
looking at how the writers have created an atmosphere.

The four stories are all of mystery and try to keep the reader gripped
until the end, all have areas in which there is suspense. In 'The
Signalman' Charles Dickens keeps the reader in suspense because when
the ghost visits the signal man you don't really know who the haunting
warning is for. In 'The Red Room' H.G. Wells keeps the reader in
suspense because when the ghost is sighted it is never really
described. In 'The Man with the Twisted Lip' Arthur Conan Doyle keeps
the reader in suspense by not actually telling if it is a murder on
just disappearance. Also in 'The Withered Arm' Thomas Hardy keeps the
reader in suspense because you find out who Gertrude catches the rash

Each writer had a setting and different historical background 'The
Signal Man' was written in 1866 by Charles Dickens, the surroundings
for his story was an old railway station with old steam trains. The
Man with the Twisted Lip' written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was
written in 1860. This story was one of many Sherlock Holmes tales
which display aspects of life in the last decade of Victorians reign.
'The Red Room' by H.G Wells was a Gothic horror story, which had
traditional scenery at a castle (Loraine castle). 'The Red Room' was
written in 1894, H.G Wells makes it obvious how ancient and old
fashioned everything in the castle was. 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas
Hardy was written in 1865 and located in Wessex, around Dorchester
which Thomas Hardy calls Caster bridge the county town of Dorset where
most of his stories were set.

'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens was set at an old rail way station,
with steam trains. The idea of a signal box in the countryside and
being manually operated, gives a sense of historical background for
today's readers.

'The Man with the Twisted Lip' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was set in
the streets of East London. A few years before the story was written a
famous sequential killer 'Jack the Ripper' murdered people on the very
same streets where the story was based on in the story it said

"An endless succession of sombre and deserted streets.

This gives the effect that the streets are frightening and vicious.

'The Red Room' by H.G Wells is a Gothic Horror story set in a

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traditional situation of an old castle, you find out in the story that
the castle is old because it quotes:

"The castle and the deer-toned, old-fashioned furniture". The title of
the story immediately attracts the reader's attention because of the
word RED. This gives the effect of a hazards and danger

'A Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardly was set in Wessex where most of
Thomas Hardly stories are set. The story I read was set in Dorchester,
which Thomas Hardly refers to as Caster Bridge.

All four stories have differences and similarities, like 'The
Signalman', 'The Man with the Twisted Lip and' The Red Room" are all
written in the first person but, 'A Withered Arm' was written in the
third person. In all of the stories the writers have used positive and
negative words like dark, ghostly, shadows, died and positive words
like fashion, rhymes, candles and light. The story was told through
the eyes of Rhoda then by Gertrude.

Out of all the stories I thought the best one was 'The Man with the
twisted Lip' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle because the story kept me
interested in the story because you don't know if it was a
disappearance or a murder. At the end of the story when you find out
that Mr St Clair was alive, I was surprised because Sherlock Holmes
gathered allot of evidence to show that he was dead for example his
coat washed up on the sea bank.
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