Personal Communication Ethic

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Personal Communication Ethic

I feel that that the best way to persuade people is with your ears — by listening to them. Feeling this way, I based my personal communication ethic on listening. If all you do is talk, then you probably don't have too many friends. I know that when I am interrupted in mid-sentence I feel like punching the other person. I feel as if the other person doesn't give a care in the world about what I think, and not only does that take away any respect I had for that person, but it hurts my feelings.


10. It would blow my chances for America's Funniest Home Videos
9. I enjoy fighting over misunderstandings
8. My spouse will expect me to do it all the time
7. I like the challenge of doing a project for the boss when I don't have a clue what's wanted
6. Ignorance is bliss
5. Two words: Political speeches (I'm sorry, that's a good excuse)
4. It gives me a chance to use my creativity to fill in the blanks
3. I forget what I'm going to say if I listen
2. Congress doesn't why should I?
1. People might think I care
“Listening to obtain sensory stimulation or enjoyment through the works or experiences of others,” can promote effective listening skills within the family unit. In this connection, through the use of storytelling, families can ultimately develop and refine listening skills and promote a rich sojourn of the past. This is one way you can practice listening is at home.

I hope you have learned something through this speech and I hope you can use this ethic in your life.

Thank you

Part II

#2 Your emotional and physiological state will influence the meaning you give to your perceptions. The sight of raw clams may be physically upsetting when you have a stomachache, but mouth watering when you're hungry. Also, perceiving only the positive in people that you like and only the negative in the people that you do not like is called bias. Be aware of perceptual evaluations influenced by your own biases.

#3 Self-concept differs in different situations and at different times through many different ways. One way would be through others images of you.

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If you wanted to see how friendly or how assertive you are, you would look at the image of yourself that others reveal to you through their behaviors and especially through the way they treat you and react to you. Another way is through cultural teachings. Through parents, teachers, and the media, your culture instills in you a variety of beliefs, values, and attitudes.

#5 Some guidelines that can help interpret nonverbal behavior more accurately are: Openness: Open hands, unbuttoned coat. Defensiveness: Arms crossed, sideways glance, touching-rubbing nose, rubbing eyes, buttoned coat, drawing away. Insecurity: Pinching flesh, chewing a pen, thumb over thumb, biting fingernail. Cooperation: Upper body in sprinters position, open hands, sitting on edge of chair, hand to face gestures, unbuttoning coat.

Confidence: Stippled hands, hands behind back, back stiffened, hands in coat pockets with thumb out, hands on tapels of coat. Nervousness: Clearing throat, "whew" sound, whistling, smoking, pinching flesh, fidgeting, covering mouth, jiggling money or keys, tugging ears, wringing hands. Frustration: Short breaths, "tsk" sound, tightly clenched hands, wringing hands, fist like gestures, pointing index finger, rubbing hand through hair, rubbing back of neck.

#8 Some very important leadership behaviors are: Motivating Others through Adaptive Leadership Empowering Others Encouraging Preparing People for Vision/Mission
Using Multiple Options Thinking Taking Intelligent Risks Stretching Personal Creativity
Showing Passion for Work

#9 A speaker can influence his or her credibility by demonstrating you:
Knowledge Trustworthiness Good intentions

People trust a message if they thing it's true and reliable and the communicator is competent and honest. People have confidence in a source if their trust has been rewarded over time.

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