How Ralph and Jack Change

How Ralph and Jack Change

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How Ralph and Jack Change

William Golding wrote the story "Lord of the flies". It is about a
large group of schoolboys whose plane has crashed. They get stranded
on a desert island. The story is about their survival and how they run
their everyday lives. The two main characters Jack and Ralph are both
from upper class and they both start off as the leaders. Later on the
boys have a vote for leader and Ralph is selected.

The first impression we get about Ralph is that he is active and
doesn't like authority. When he found out that there were no grown ups
on the island he "stood on his head and grinned" Piggy is the first
of the other survivors that Ralph meets. Piggy is lower class. Later
on in the book it shows that Piggy is really bullied by the upper
class boys. Ralph at first seems very unaware of the seriousness of
being on a deserted island, but later on he shows his maturity by
suggesting a vote for leader. Overall, Ralph is friendly and active.
He is not fat or skinny and is easy to get on with.

The first impression of Jack that we get is that he is arrogant and
dangerous, because the book brings him in as a shadow. He is very
different compared to Ralph. He is skinny and has red hair. He is also
wearing a black cap. He has freckles, a crumpled up face and his eyes
are light blue. Jack does not seem pleasant, but like Ralph he seems
to have the role of a leader.

From the start Ralph and Jack get on very well. There are very few
signs of anger between them. Immediately after Ralph is elected as
leader, "Jack and Ralph smiled at each other with shy liking" This
shows that they can still be friends even though one of them failed at
being elected leader. As they explore later in the chapter, they can
agree with each other without any signs of awkwardness.

The first sign of conflict between Jack and Ralph started on page 37.
Jack took the attention off of Ralph, "Come on. Follow me." It made
everyone lose concentration and run from the meeting. Ralph was
calling for silence but no one listened to him, and this was the first
threat against his authority, and it became an irritation. Even though
they argue, there is still agreement between Jack and Ralph. On page
38, they both help each other by moving a large branch. The real
disagreement is in chapter 3, when they disagree on priorities.

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main priority is hunting whereas Ralph's is survival. For example,
Ralph wants to ensure that the boys are rescued and to build shelters
for the time that they are left on the island. They are both worn out
because their ideas didn't work. This is why some small problems turn
into big ones. Each of them are beginning to lose patience because of
the situation that they are in.

At the very end of chapter four it is even worse than before. Jack let
out the fire their only way of survival and Ralph's main priority.
Jack tells Ralph and Ralph takes all of his anger out on Piggy by
punching him.

Ralph and Jack start of well agreeing and helping each other but soon
start to make accidents and break up they are all up and down
friendship wise until the rescue fire is put out my Jack accidentally.
Ralph and Jack don't really have much in common with each other, this
means that each character takes different obstacles and challenges in
a different way from the other, so it is easy to break up with each

So far each character seems to be adapting very well to the deserted
island, but I feel that there are still more secrets to be found out
from all characters especially from Ralph and Jack. What will happen
between Jack and Ralph? What secrets will the characters reveal?
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