College Admissions Essays: Enrich the Mind and Spirit

College Admissions Essays: Enrich the Mind and Spirit

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Enrich the Mind and Spirit


The college education that I am seeking goes beyond credentials in that it must first and foremost enrich my mind and spirit, and support my belief in continuous learning. My desire is to be challenged and to gain an experience that I can build upon for the future.


In order to achieve these goals, I need to be educated in an environment that fairly tests the values that I have been taught, and hopefully substantiates many of them. The atmosphere should allow me to use my own judgment, make my own decisions, and hold me accountable for the results. I am seeking an environment that rewards and adjudicates my performance, while allowing me the opportunity to expand my thinking to include new ideas and a creative thought process, and a system that teaches me to apply the abundance of data that is available.


I want a college life that provides a balance of extracurricular activities that foster relationships and fellowships with persons of various backgrounds from an educational institution that I will want to identify with, commit to, and be loyal to for the rest of my life.


I feel confident that such a rich environment, along with excellent academics and my

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