To what extent do you find this a satisfactory ending to the novel -

To what extent do you find this a satisfactory ending to the novel -

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To what extent do you find this a satisfactory ending to the novel -
chap6 Salinas River consequences of Lennies actions.

To what extent do you find this a satisfactory ending to the novel?

Chapter 6 takes place at the Salinas River in the late afternoon where
we see the consequences of Lennies actions. After murdering Curley's
wife in the barn, Lennie has gone on the run and hides in the brush.
George finds Lennie and tries to give him a fear free death. This is
probably the most moving chapter of the novel. In many ways I find it
a satisfying ending, but there is also an element of surprise in the
fact that it is George who kills his best friend Lennie, although
Steinbeck has prepared us with the death of Candy's dog and Curleys
wife. The impact of the ending is very poignant and touching as I feel
sympathy for Lennie as I feel I understand him better than the other
characters that have died.

The link between the beginning of the novel and the end makes it more
complete as there is a full circle. The setting that they're in, along
the Salinas River with men shouting, and the reason why they are there
are also similar to the beginning of the novel and this has looped.
Lennie is running from this ranch, the same as in the beginning as
they ran away from Weed. But the previous reason was not as serious as
this one. Lennie had been accused of raping a woman, whereas this
instance he has murdered one. The only other difference in this is
that Lennie expects George to follow him and they would both escape
together, but that was not to be the story. This was unexpected in the
way that George killed Lennie, but Lennie had done too many bad things
and this time he had crossed over the line and George had had enough.
Lennies hallucination shows how he's imitating all the people close to
him. This could be a sign of him going insane and not knowing what to
do. When George arrives at the brush, Lennie is trying to make him
follow the same ritual by first of all waiting as George tells him
off, and then attempts to make him feel guilty by saying how he could
run away and live in a cave. After that George would feel sorry for
Lennie and they would make up and talk about the ranch and the
rabbits. Lennie thinks that he is succeeding, but it creates an
empathetic mood when George finally shoots Lennie.

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I do not feel to
sad because I realise that George and Lennie were close and Lennie had
taken it too far. And also Lennies death was not painful, as Curley
had intended it to be. It was a shot to the back of the head, which
was painless and quick. The dream dies along with Lennie as he was the
one that kept pushing George and tried to make him save up the money,
and whenever he felt down, he would think of the dream and the rabbits
and how happy he would be. The way in which Lennie is killed links to
the way in which Candy's dog is killed, but George wishes to do it
himself because he is closer to Lennie and saw Candy's sorrow unlike
Carlson killing Candy's dog with no feelings at all.

Steinbeck offers a range of emotional experiences for the reader
ranging from misery and depression to joy and delight. Carlson's lack
of emotion is typical to the harshness of the average ranch life.
Carlson is bloodthirsty. He is eager to fetch his gun and kill Candy's
dog and persuades Candy's dog to let him kill it. He is also eager to
fetch his gun when they're chasing after Lennie. Carlson portrays the
classic ranch worker in 1930's USA. His final words at the end of the
novel show how insensitive and ignorant the ranch workers were and how
they only cared for themselves. He witnesses George's gloom and still
comes out with a numb remark.

I gained clues all throughout the novel of what was going to happen.
There is a hint of suspicion about Lennie, his strength, his dumbness
and also his love for the smooth material that made him feel more
secure and safe. After knowing the reason why they got chased out of
their last job, I pondered whether the same story would repeat itself.
When Lennie hurts Curley and then the puppy, I wondered who would be
next on his hit list. It was Curley's wife. And after killing a human
being, it was evident that he was going to get hunted and not forgiven
for this. All the characters are flawed. They all commit sins and they
are not perfect, but Lennie took one step too far and although I have
a lot of sympathy for him, this act of violence should not be allowed
by any human being.

I also find the ending unsatisfactory, as I am eager to find out what
happens to the characters and the dream, but it also leaves doors wide
open for the imagination or even a sequel.
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