Human Cloning

Human Cloning

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Human Cloning

A new concept has been introduced to the world: the idea of cloning humans. While very controversial and still in its beginning stages, cloning posts some powerful and interesting options for the development of human medicines and the expansion of life. The use of cloning on plants is an old method, and just recently this cloning has been used on animals as well. This window of opportunity to forever benefit humanity must not be ignored as so many people wish it to be, but rather, used as a tool to help the future of life.

Scientific development has always been a major focus ensuring humanity a future. Why should this process be halted strictly because the current moral and ethical values of cloning aren’t compliant? The positive effects cloning could have on science are numerous; regenerated organs, perfect blood matches, no waiting lists, preventative measures against future genetic diseases, and much more. Human cloning could be used to grow life-saving bone marrow for children with leukemia”, (BBC). In respect, how much difference is there between cloning and the use of medicines? In both ways humans are using the powers of science to better control the outcome of someone’s life. If people of the past prevented their sciences from researching these medicines, where would humanity be today? Restricting the development of science is definitely not a good idea.
For many people, the major argument against cloning is that the human tampering of creation is not God’s will. No major difference is present between artificial and natural child bearing, except that one process is external, so what is so wrong with using the potential of cells to form to our advantage? Aside from the ethical and moral standards, religious standards hold cloning down as well. Not that tradition and belief structures are false, but too often these values are either misinterpreted or taken at the wrong level. Unfortunately, the idea of faith makes it impossible to disprove anyone’s actions, but science should not be prevented because of a religious standpoint unless humanity is willing to sacrifice as well all the other aspects of life defying religious values. There will always be religious confliction with science, but it should not prevent its development.

Cloning will present, however, an eventual change in the way humans perceive themselves. For most all time, the definition of an individual hasn’t really changed.

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To each person their own specific traits, and these traits may be used to distinguish one from many. Twins and other multiple-birth people have always been regarded as individual, as people have realized the way experiences and thoughts distinguish a person much more than appearance, so the possibility of duplicate people shouldn’t be too bad in the way of identification. Society, though, will need to change to accept the fact that many assumptions made about life being such a mystery are slowly disproved, and humanity changes to conform to the new views. The value of life will remain constant just as it has throughout the past.

The society of today does not wish to have a major change in the way humanity works. Cloning would, in effect, make such a major change as to cause the traditional methods for thinking and working to differ greatly. This is the true reason so many are opposed to cloning. There are no true negatives to the idea except that it defies much of the way people think today. The world needs to challenge the boundaries it builds for itself and make it a goal to use the abilities held to make life better.

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