Your Attitude Is Showing

Your Attitude Is Showing

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Your Attitude Is Showing: A Primer of Human Relations

     I enjoyed reading "Your Attitude Is Showing" a great deal more than I expected to. I normally hate to read because I am not very good at it, and I am usually uninterested in the subject. I found that this book to be quite easy to read. The language that the authors used was very easy to understand. Also, it was divided into many chapters with many sections in each chapter. This made it easy for me to keep my attention on the book. When reading I normally become tired and bored, but I was able to focus well on this book. The content of the book also helped keep me interested. I felt that the authors addressed many important points throughout the book. Though I knew much of the information discussed, I also learned a lot from it. This is why I enjoyed the book the most, because it taught me things that I will use, and that are very important for how successful my life is, professionally and personally.

Key Points
     When reading this book I found there to be many important points that were addressed in each chapter. I found three points in particular to be more valuable to me than the others. The first key point that I found was in chapter 2. “All organizations are built around people. And when you build healthy relationships with your fellow workers and supervisors, you open doors that would otherwise be closed.” I found this statement to be very interesting. This section went on to explain how knowledge of a particular job is not all that is important to succeed in a career. I had previously not realized this in my life, even though I have had personal experiences that reflect this. I was recently offered a management position at my current job. I thought that it was strange because I had relatively no experience working in retail, and I had only been working with the company for a few months. But after reading this section I realized that, most likely, the reason why they offered me the job was because of the strong relationships I had developed with my supervisors and co-workers in such a short period of time. From now on I plan on keeping this point in mind whenever I begin a new job.

The second key point that I found was discussed in chapters 3 and 4.

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The book talked about how your attitude should be your most prized possession and that having a positive attitude does not mean being a weak person. I never thought about how important my attitude was until reading this section. In the moment, it has never occurred to me how much my attitude is affecting those around me. Now, when I look back on the times when I have been in a bad mood at work or at home, I realize what an impact it had on my friends and co-workers, I managed to bring everyone else down too. I think it was very important for the authors to include that having a positive attitude does not mean being passive. Because I am far from passive, I was concerned that making my attitude positive all the time would mean that I would have to be weaker, and because of this section I am much more at ease with the steps that I must take to better myself.

The third point that I found to be useful was in chapter 11. In this chapter the authors discussed the differences between frustration and aggression, and ways to release stress without harming yourself. I have a problem dealing with stress. I usually do not let things go until they build up inside me and I explode. This chapter explained some steps that I can take to help me deal with stress more effectively, which I greatly needed to learn and use.

I learned a lot from reading Your Attitude Is Showing: A Primer of Human Relations. Some of the book taught me brand new information and other sections reinforced what I have previously learned. Due to the limited length of this paper I was unable to speak about each aspect about the book that I found interesting. I chose to speak only of the few key points that stood out for me. At first I looked at this assignment with fear because I am very busy and I am a terrible reader, but I am glad that I had to read this book. And I would recommend reading this book to my peers to help them prepare for working in the corporate world.
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