Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights

Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights
Emily Brönte

Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Brönte, is a story about the Earnshaw family

who own a place called Wuthering Heights. Wuthering Heights is located on the moors.

It narrates the story of the Earnshaw family, Heathcliff and the love story behind them

all. Wuthering Heights is a strange, agonizing and powerful novel. It is said that revenge

is the dominant theme of the book. Towards the 2nd part of the novel, the focus of the

story was about Heathcliff planning for vengeance against the Edgar Linton. Edgar

Linton is the person who married Catherine who was Heathcliff’s only love. The heroes

in the story are Edgar Linton and Hareton Earnshaw. Heathcliff is considered as the

villain. The book is also taken over by sin and retribution (crime and punishment). All the

characters sin in some way are punished, with the exception of Cathy and Hareton, who

manage to destroy evil in their lifetime.

Major Characters:

Mr. Earnshaw- Mr. Earnshaw is the one who brought Heathcliff to Wuthering Heights.

He is the owner of Wuthering Heights. Mr Earnshaw is a brusque Yorkshire farmer.

Hindley Earnshaw- He is cruel and he lacks character. He also can be describe as the

artistic type. He was neglected by his father especially when Heathcliff arrived at

Wuthering Heights.

Catherine Earnshaw- She is a wild, impertuous, arrogant girl. Despite her feelings for

Heathcliff, she decides to marry Edgar, knowing full well that Heathcliff is the true love

of Catherine. Before she dies, she says that she wants both Edgar and Heathcliff to suffer.

Hareton Earnshaw- He is the son of Hindley and Frances Earnshaw. He was reared by

Heathcliff as part of his plan to punish the Earnshaws. Hareton reflects Heathcliff’s cruel


Healthcliff- An adopted member of the Earnshaw family. As a child, he was sullen and

impatient; as a young man, he is sullen, impatient, vengeful and cruel. He has an all-

engrossing passion for Catherine Earnshaw, and when she marries Edgar Linton, he

spends the remainder of his life in spiritual torturement.

Linton Heathcliff- The son of Heathcliff and Isabella Linton. He is sickly and unmanly.

His death is hastened because of Heathcliff’s neglect.

Edgar Linton- A devoted suitor of Catherine, he becomes a recluse after her death. He

develops a fondness for young Cathy, but he is no match for Heathcliff., who is

determined to make Cathy pay for her mother’s caprices.

Cathy Linton- Edgar’s darling; she inherits her mother’s pride and determination and

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outwits Heathcliff; she also accomplishes a happy marriage with young Hareton.


The story took place in a weatherbeaten farm on the windswept moors called

Wuthering Heights. The setting is the wild Yorkshire moors, to which Mr. Lockwood has

retreated from “the social stir” of London for a year. The time is the year 1801. he has

rented Thrushcross Grange, situated in the valley. His curiosity is aroused by the

brooding quality and crumbling, menacing appearance of Wuthering Heights and by the

inscription over the door- the date “1500” and the name “Hareton Earnshaw”.


Mr. Earnshaw, a brusque Yorkshire farmer and owner of Wuthering Heights on

the moors, brings home a waif from Liverpool. The boy is given the name Heathcliff and

is brought up with the Earnshaw children, Catherine and Hindley. Catherine love

Heathcliff but Hindley hates the stranger for supplanting him in his father’s affection.

After the death of Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw, Hindley subjects Heathcliff to every indignity,

and Heathcliff becomes brutal and morose. Despite the love that still persists between her

and Heathcliff, Catherine turns to Edgar Linton, a young gentleman who lives in

Thrushcross Grange in the valley.

Catherine Marries Edgar Linton, and Heathcliff leaves Wuthering Heights.

heathcliff returns, rich and looking like a gentleman. His return, and Edgar’s jealously,

made Catherine distracted. She and Heathcliff are more madly in love than ever. She

gives birth to Edgar’s child, Cathy, and dies. Heathcliff I s determined to avenged on

Hindley Earnshaw and Edgar Linton. He marries Edgar’s sister Isabella and turns

Hindley into a drunkard and a gambler, winning all his property for him; as a result,

Hindley’s son Hareton becomes a pauper. Isabella has a weakling son, Linton, and after

her death Heathcliff marries Linton off to Cathy. His plans are thwarted, however, as

Linton dies and Cathy falls in love with and marries Hareton.

Discussion of Theme:

Theme focuses on Heathcliff. The story is more about a tragic relationship between

different families. The idea revolves around the concept of vengeance and revenge that

Heathcliff planned out because of his unconditional fate within the Earnshaw family. The

problem did not end on the death of Catherine but it continued until the next generation.

There are many other themes or interpretations about the novel but I think that it is

mainly about love and regret. Love because it was the root of all these problems. It all

started when Catherine fell in love with Heathcliff. Regret because it was the result of

this so-called love. Regret not only by Catherine and Edgar, but also regret of the other

members of both families.


The book lets the reader widen his or her vocabulary. The choice of words of the

author is fantastic. You would encounter words you’ve never heard before. The author

also used a very unique style of writing. She made the novel simple but clear. It is

charged with tremendous vitality. She does not write for effect, but the rhythm of her

sentences and the exact choice of words convey her meaning explicitly.

I consider the book a very memorable one. I’ve never encountered such an

amazing and tragic story ever in my life. I could not imagine a love so strong that even

marriage with other people cannot break it. I was amazed by the author’s style. It is truly

a book worth reading. The dialogues and characters were perfectly conceptualized.

Although the author died a year after the publication of Wuthering Heights, I know that

she really was proud of this incredible work of art that she has done to inspire and

motivate other people.
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