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An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) version of Windows ME
is a special release product made available for computer
Manufacturers. OEMs can customize these versions of Windows ME
specifically for their hardware and software.

The Setup procedures and requirements outlined in this document
may be different if you have an OEM version of Windows ME. For
more information, read the documentation that came with your
computer or contact your computer manufacturer.


Any of the following conditions can cause Windows ME not to start
in Safe Mode:

- Your computer is infected with a virus. Run up-to-date anti-
virus software to check for a virus and clean your computer if

- Your computer's CMOS settings are not correct. Check your
computer's CMOS settings to make sure they are correct. Note
that you may need to contact the computer manufacturer to
verify these settings.

- There is a hardware failure. Note that you may need to contact
the computer manufacturer for more information about your

- There is an error on your computer's hard disk. See "Using
ScanDisk to check your hard disk."

- There is an error in the Windows registry. See "Using the
Windows Registry Checker."

Using ScanDisk to Check Your Hard Disk
If you suspect there may be file corruption or other problems
with your hard disk(s), run ScanDisk to check for and repair

To check all your hard disks for errors:

1. At the command prompt, type:

scandisk /all

2. Press ENTER.

To perform a full surface scan of your hard disk(s) for maximum
protection against data loss:

1. At the command prompt, type:

scandisk /all /surface

2. Press ENTER.

Using Windows Registry Checker
If you are still unable to start Windows ME in Safe Mode, run
the Windows Registry Checker (Scanreg.exe) tool, as there may
be a problem with the system registry.

To start the Windows Registry Checker:

1. At the command prompt, type:

scanreg /restore

2. Press ENTER.

Scanreg may not be available if Windows ME has not been
successfully installed on your computer.


The following section explains what you can do to recover from
a failed Windows Setup. For more information about other Setup
problems, see the Setup.txt file in the Win9X folder of your
Windows ME CD.

If you encounter any of these error messages while running Setup:

- Invalid system disk

- Incorrect MS-DOS version

- Missing or corrupted

it is likely that your computer's startup drive needs updated

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system files. Certain CMOS settings or anti-virus software can
prevent Windows Setup from installing the correct system files
on your computer.

To replace your system files:

1. Restart your computer by using the Windows ME Startup Disk,
selecting option 1 on the Startup menu, and then pressing

2. Close the Help file.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen to run Setup.

4. Choose "Use Safe Recovery" if prompted.

A Note on Anti-Virus Software
If anti-virus programs are left running during Setup, they might
prevent Setup from properly updating the system files.

IMPORTANT: You might receive a warning message after the first
restart during Setup, informing you that the Master Boot Record
or other files have changed. If you see such a message, you MUST
accept these changes or Setup may fail to update critical files
that Windows ME uses to start your computer.

Setup Stops Responding During Hardware Detection
If Setup stops responding while it is detecting the hardware in
your computer, turn your computer off and wait a few seconds, and
then turn it back on. You may need to do this several times.
Choose Use "Safe Recovery" when Setup restarts. Setup could stop
responding during several different detection modules and will
skip areas it fails to complete successfully.

IMPORTANT: Use the power switch to turn your computer completely
off. Do not use the reset button or press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart
your computer.

If Setup still fails to complete successfully, it may be
necessary to start your computer in Safe Mode so that you can
view the Help topics associated with hardware detection.


If the above steps do not work, you can try to uninstall
Windows ME and return to your previous version of Windows.

To uninstall Windows ME, you must have chosen to save uninstall
information during Windows ME Setup. The uninstall information
is saved in the Winundo.dat and Winundo.ini files. If these
files are deleted, you cannot uninstall Windows ME.

IMPORTANT: You should not attempt to Uninstall Windows ME if
the partition information for your hard disk or disks has
changed since you last installed Windows ME successfully.
Windows ME creates a backup copy of your partition information
in the Suhdlog.dat file at the end of a successful installation,
and Uninstal.exe restores the partition information listed in
the Suhdlog.dat file to your hard disk during Uninstall. If the
partition information on your hard disk or disks has changed
since you last installed successfully (specifically, since the
Suhdlog.dat file was created), then you might experience partial
or complete data loss as a result of attempting to Uninstall
Windows ME.

To uninstall Windows ME:

1. Restart your computer using the Windows ME Startup Disk,
selecting option 1 on the Startup menu, and then pressing

2. Close the Help file.

3. At the command prompt, type each of the following lines,
pressing ENTER after each line.


NOTE: is the drive letter of the drive containing the
Windows folder (the default is C). is the name of
the Windows folder (the default is "Windows").

4. Type Y when you are prompted to continue.
This process can take several minutes.

NOTE: SmartDrive (Smartdrv.exe) is not required to run
Uninstal.exe, but it can significantly speed up the process.


You cannot install Windows ME over any version of Windows 2000
or Windows NT, but they can exist together on a single system.
However, for compatibility reasons, it is recommended that
you install each to a separate hard disk or partition. If
Windows NT is already installed, Windows ME Setup will add
itself to the Windows NT boot menu to allow you to multi-boot
between Windows ME and Windows NT.


See the document "Installing Windows Millennium Edition to a
New Hard Disk," located at <CD-ROM>:Win9xCleanhd.Txt.

You might also find the Setup readme useful. It is located at
Return to