Windows 95 Beats Mac

Windows 95 Beats Mac

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Windows 95 Beats Mac

Over the years, there has been much argument over which computer platform to buy.
The two contenders in theis competions have been the PC , with its Windows
environment and the Macintosh. Now, with the successful release of Windows 95
for the PC, this has been the mjor argument for each side : hardware
configuration, networking capabilities, and operating system.

The first arguments to look at between the Pc and Mac platform has to do with
hardware configuration. Before Windows 95, installing and configuring hardware
was like pulling teeth. The instructions given to help install hardware were too
complicated for the average user. There was also the issuer of compatibility
between the large number of different hardware setups available in the PC world.
Is a particular board going to work with my PC? With Windows 95, these problems
were alleviated with plug and play technology. With plug and play compatible
boards, the computer detects and configures the new board automatically. The
operating system may recognize some hardware components on older PCs. Mac userw
will claim that they always had the convenicnce of a plug and play system, ubt
the difference shows in teh flexibility of the two systems.

Another set of arguments Mac users use in favor of their sysstems over PCs is in
multimedia and networking capabilities. Mac users gloat that the Mac has
networking technology built in the system. Even if a user did not use it, the
network is included with the system. They cited that for the PC users and Pc
users hate the fact that they need to stick a card in their computers to
communicate with any other computer. With Windows 95, the Mac network gloaters
are silenced. Windows 95 included built-in network support. Any network will
work properly. The Mac users also claim their systems have speech, telephony,
and voice recognition, whereas the Pc user does not have. In truth, the promised
building blocks for telephony control do not yet exist. I think the speech is
not good point in the Mac.

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In the world of computer, people cannot stand still for too long without getting
passed by. Windows 95 now threatens the only assets the Mac has in capturing the
interests of the consumers because of configuration in the hardware,
communication betweencomputers and difference of operating systems in both
platforms. Almost any argument could give in defense of the Mac does not carry
nearly as much bite as it did before Windows 95 arrived. Pc users have something
to be proud of.
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