A Wind from a Foriegn Sky

A Wind from a Foriegn Sky

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A Wind from a Foriegn Sky

A Wind From a Foreign Sky is a very interesting novel. It is full of magic, knights, witches and all sorts of unknown evil. In the beginning of the novel, Gaultry, the heroine, is in the town on market day, she's attacked on her way home, but is saved by a knight, sent by her father. Martin, her rescuer, was sent by Gaultry's father to protect her and her sister, Mervion. Gaultry soon finds out that the Chancellor is set to kill Mervion on their holy night, they decide to rescue her. Their travels were plagued by many mishaps, some of which Gaultry's powers provoked. Gaultry begins to notice a strong feeling for Martin, who is also feeling the same for her. They have fallen in love with each other. After many days of travel, they reach the Prince's kingdom in the town of Princeport. Gaultry uses her Magic powers to save her beloved sister, and like any good story, everyone lives happily ever after.
     I think if I could meet anyone of the characters in the novel, I would like to meet Gaultry. Gaultry reminds me of myself in many ways. She is smart, but she does not always think until it is too late. She always gets herself into trouble by not thinking before acting. Like in the near beginning of the novel when she was attacked by a group of men, instead of using her cunning, she ran. She was almost raped and beaten because of her quick reaction to a situation that might have been avoided. Gaultry is really an everyday hero, she is not stronger, smarter, or braver than any other character in the novel.
     I think I would like to live in the time and setting of this novel. It does not exactly state what time everything occurs, but from passages like the following, I was able to assume it was during a medieval time and place.
The worn leather of the scabbard had gone clear as glass and the mighty sword that lay beneath the battered casing could be clearly seen. Six runes power winked out along its blade embossed into the metal like evil, shifting eyes.
     Although this passage does not clearly state what period, using text clues I figured it had to be medieval. The place where everything occurs is not anyplace that ever existed, but a place very similar to England or Ireland.

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There are reasons, however, why I would not want to live there. For one, it was a time full of great danger for many people, because of the robbers and highwaymen about. For another, there were many dangerous powers in the world, good magic and bad magic. For the time being though I think, I will just stay right where I am.
     I learned some interesting things about how people from there time thought of other people. They thought anyone who was related to their enemies was probably a traitor. I do not think that is, right, your breeding has nothing to do with what type of person you are. Many people of the time thought like that, blood determined your worth. If you had noble blood you were a noble, no matter how horrible a person you were. The passage below shows how many of the thought.
'Princess Corinne banished the last Bissanty family when she came into power after her wedding,'; Gaultry said. 'Which is the main reason she ranks among Tielmark's greatest leaders.';
'Did she?'; Martin asked, ';Then how is it that Tielmark has a half-Bissanty Chancellor now?';

Many people now believe almost the same thing, I do not think it is right, but people still have biases and opinions.
     From A Wind From a Foreign Sky, I learned a valuable life lesson, Put your mind to something, and you can achieve anything. Gaultry could not seem to get her magic to work right, she just did not believe in herself, but when she was put to the test she pulled through, gathered all her power and saved her sister. Martin, who seemed very uncaring, became a more caring when he finally felt his feelings for Gaultry, when he needed to be. What this proves is that given a trying situation anyone can meet or exceed their highest expectations of themselves. I did not really think about how truly evil, or purely good people can be. In the novel, the chancellor was the factor of evil, and Gaultry was the side of pure good. Through the entire book, Gaultry did not think truly of herself, but of other people first. I think the author's theme was that were there is good, there is always evil.
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