Win XP Pro vs. Win 2K Pro

Win XP Pro vs. Win 2K Pro

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Windows XP Pro vs. Windows 2000 Pro

Thesis Statement

I got to play with XP Pro and fell in love with it the same way with 2000 Pro!


I.     Introduction

A.     How I fell in love all over again!

B.     XP Pro and XP HE (Home Edition)

C.     Office XP

II.     Body

A.     XP Pro vs. 2000 Pro
B.     Application Compatibility
C.     What’s new - IPv6
D.     AD and XP Pro
E.     WINS a thing of the past!

III.     Conclusion

A. XP Server and XP Corporate

Windows XP Pro vs. Windows 2000 Pro

Learning to play with 2000 Pro was fun. It challenged me in a great way. I learn some fundamentals about how an OS worked. Then I got to play with XP Pro and fell in love with it the same way I fell in love with 2000 Pro!
When I had first heard about Windows XP I at first thought it was going to be another 9x OS for the home computer. Soon I was told that it would also have a Professional one too. But I was learning Windows 2000 and so I dismissed XP once again. My teach, Tony A., said XP was 2000 with a new GUI and this got me thinking more about this OS. If I learn all I can about 2000, learning XP will be a piece of cake! Then one day when I came to class and saw that XP Pro was install on the computer that I was sitting at in class. I got to fool around with it for about two hours and I was hooked!
I’m getting ahead of my-self here, let me talk really quickly about XP Home Edition (HE) that is out there! It works more or less like Windows 98 with a little Windows 2000 upgrades. It’s mainly for the home use as it’s the name for the OS. Unlike 98 it don’t just sit on top of your computer. It acts more like 2000 in that it shields the hardware from the software and keeps it from crashing. It loves Plug and Play hardware. It features a 32-bit computing architecture, and a fully protected memory model. Since it’s got a lot of the 2000 built in, it features “Home Networking” network your home systems like an office! The only draw back is the fact that it use only basic disk, try to use dynamic and you’ll break the OS!
The thing with XP HE is that Microsoft is selling the OS as a home entertment center than anything, so I’m not going to hold my breath for anything big to come out of this OS.

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The deal with Office XP is that it works well with Windows XP and there are a few upgrades in how it’s handle. For one, it no longer uses NetBIOS naming so we no longer use WINS! I will try to go more into this later in my report! Office XP Service Pack 1 is already out for Office XP. NetBEUI will still be used only in a limited way. NWLink will still be supported as well as DLC. AppleTalk I think will not be supported by XP.
Now lets get to why we are all here, XP Pro! As you may know Tony does not think to highly of Windows XP. He thinks that it’s just like 2000 Pro with a brand new GUI. Sure the Windows 2000 code was use, but XP is a whole new puppy!
On start up you start to notice the deference’s! It starts up in no time at all! Another thing, Ctrl+Alt+Delete is bypass for a Welcome Screen with all the users for that computer comes up! You choose who you are with the mouse and then just type in your password! Ctrl+Alt+Delete thing takes you right to Task Manager. You can do there what you already have been doing like Shut Down, Log Off, Switch User (New to XP). Change Password, has been move for security protection.
Now that you have XP upgrade on your 2000 Pro or NT Workstation 4.0 and now nothing works. Windows XP Uninstall will let go back to what you had before if you find that XP does not work well with important devices or applications that worked under the previous operating system. Note that this works with Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or Windows 2000 Professional only.
Administrative Tools are the same with a new tool called ‘Component Services’ with ‘Event Viewer’ and ‘Services’ built in (the tools are also there by themselves). The MMC is still intact for you to use to build your own tools just like 2000 Pro.
The biggest thing about Windows XP is application compatibility. As Windows XP represents the convergence of the consumer line of Microsoft operating systems (Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium) and the business line of Microsoft operating systems (Windows NT, Windows 2000), Windows XP offers extensive compatibility with third-party applications for both home and business users. Windows XP will be compatible with almost all of the top 1,000 applications that ran under Windows 9x, and almost every application that ran under Windows 2000, with the exception of anti-virus programs, system utilities, and backup applications. For applications that can only work for, lets say Windows 95, Windows XP Pro and HE can emulate Windows 95! Note that Windows NT Workstation 4.0 is as lowest of the NT Workstation OS it can go.
Another big plus about Windows XP Pro is that it will support the new TCP/IPv6! The migration to IPv6 will not happen overnight. So IPv6 will coexistence with IPv4. This coexistence is much like the Windows 2000 many networking protocols. Not much info is given on this subject but I’m looking forward to learning more of this part of Windows XP.
Given the compatibility to Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro will most likely be compatible with AD Windows 2000 network. Not much info on this again but hints have greatly supported the idea that AD will be a big part of the Windows XP network!
As said earlier XP will no longer uses NetBIOS naming. So the idea of having a WINS server goes right out the window! Office XP along with further Microsoft products will no longer need NetBIOS naming. Microsoft first put out WINS for the use on networking with Windows NT. Microsoft was hoping that WINS would take off and everyone would use it. When WINS started to fail a lot, Microsoft took heat for it. They wanted it to phase it out of Windows 2000 but held back until Windows XP. XP network will no longer support a WINS server.
Microsoft is also working on Windows XP Server and Windows XP Corporate. These two OS will one day be the XP network backbone. XP Server is going to be much like Windows 2000 Server. Only a limited number of computers will be able to connect to the machine.
XP Corporate will be the XP server that many clients will be able to connect to. Much like 2000 Datacenter. XP Corporate is almost the same OS with more connections to clients.


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