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William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare

     William Shakespeare was able to, through his writings , lead the readers to examine their own social corlas, judgment, and wisdom. The most remarkable quality of his works is that even when we read them today, we still examine ourselves. He was able to accomplish their task as well as any writer of any era. Shakespeare's writings allow his readers to question the social climate of their day. (Bender 13).
     William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-on-Avon in Warwickshire located in the heart of England on April 23 or 24, 1564. His mother, Mary Arden grew up in a much more prosperous environment than the Shakespeares. His father John, and Mary Arden were married in 1557. John Shakespeare was a wool dealer and glove maker, who became a prominent citizen and well-respected in the community. Eventually, John held a position in the public office. (Bender 13). Subsequently, John Shakespeare experienced financial problems and lost his wealth and governing positions. This, of course, had a big effect on the whole family. William was the third of eight children. The older siblings were sistets Joan, born in 1558 and Margaret in 1562. Both of William's older sisters died very young. (Bender 14). The other dive children were Gilbert born in 1566, a second Joan 1569, Richard 1573, Edmund 1580, and Anne 1580 who died at age eight. (Bender 14).
     William Shakespeare was educated at the local school in Stratford. Ironically, William never attended a university although virtually every English speaking universities studies his works. Bioghrapher a man educated in " the university of life." (Bender 14). His plays and other works display Shakespeare's vast knowledge of the entertainment, social mores, and culture of his native Warwickshire. William married Anne Hathaway in 1582. He was 18 and she was 26. They had twin daughters Hamnet and Judith and later their third daughter Susanna. (Bender 15).     Shakespeare lived in an England that was overwhelmingly rural and had virtually no mechanized industry. It was a society very different from the one we enjoy in the U.S. today. Death and disease were the common experiences of all families during this era in England. (Andrews 67). This society was one in which a vigorous and youthful population was growing with unusual rapidity. The resulting economic development. (Andrews 72).
     The manner in which the English made their living at that time seemed to be greatly influenced by region. The regional differences can be divided by an imaginary line from Bristol in the southwest to Hull in the northeast.

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(Andrews 433). To t6he north and west of the line the land was higher and wetter. Here life was mainly agrarian, towns were fewer, and the population was more thinly scattered. (Andrews 437). This was generally the poorer part of the nation. To the south and east lay drier and lower land, mainly concerned with grain growing. It's population was more dense it had more towns and ports, it was richer, and it had London. (Andrews 437).
     Inflation was one of the few features of the age that was similar to our current economy. Between 1500 and 1620 prices rose by 500% with industrial prices less than that, but those of cereals almost 600%. (Andrews 734). During Shakespeare's lifetime food prices doubled. To the government, the highest economic and social priorities revolved around the ability to raise money and men to fight wars. (Andrews 735).
According to Maurice Morgann, Shakespeare essentially different from all other writers. He believes we feel rather than understand him and no wonder;-He scatters the seeds of things, the principles of character and action, with so cunning a hand with so careless an air, and master of our feelings, submits himself so little to our judgment, that everything seems superior. He commands every passage to our heads and to our hearts, and mold us as he places, and that with so much lase, that he never betray his own exertions. (Morgan 3). Samuel Coleridge wrote that Shakespeare knew the human mind and its most minute and in intimate workings. Accurately to Coleridge Shakespeare never introduces a word, or a thought, in a vain or out of place. (Eastman and Harrison 4). As we drive we will study ourselves, as "The smallest fragment of his mind not infrequently gives a clue to a most perfect regular, and consistent whole." (Morgan 4). Thomas Carlyle submits that whoever looks intelligently at Shakespeare may recognize that he too was a prophet. "What point of morals of manners, of economy, of philosophy, of religion, of taste, of the conduct of life, has he not settled?" (Eastman and Harrison 6). So says Ralph Waldo Emerson about William. According to Emerson, Shakespeare has taken every mystery, renumbered every mans word, taught kings, outlived lovers, outseen sages, and instructed gentlemen in behavior. (Rogers 112). Emerson believes that Shakespeare influences modern music, modern texts, and that he drew the man of England and Europe, the father of the man in American. Shakespeare reads the hearts of men and women, their second thoughts and wiles and the wiles of innocence. Emersons high praise for Shakespeare included that the distinguished author could divide the mothers part from the fathers part in the face of a child. (Rogers 114). Further, he proposes that Shakespeare stands out from all other eminent authors. He is unconcievably wise; the others concievably. (Rogers 116). Shakespeare never let any partially appear in his writings. Shakespeare has no discoverable egotism. The great he tells greatly; the small subordinately. (Kalasky 1209-1210). Shakespeare, according to Emerson brought equality of power in farce, tragedy, narrative, and love songs so that each reader is incredulous of the perception of other readers. (Kalasky 1211-1212).
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