Why Did Adolf Hitler Become A Hate Filled Dictator?

Why Did Adolf Hitler Become A Hate Filled Dictator?

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Why Did Adolf Hitler Become A Hate Filled Dictator?

     Adolf Hitler; throughout the entire world this name is synonymous with World War II and the Holocaust. Hitler was the notorious anti-semetic Chancellor of Germany who initiated World War II. Many different events in Hitler’s life led to his eventual hatred for specific cultures, i.e. Jewish and Marxist groups.
      On April 20, 1889 Adolf Hitler, was born to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl Hitler and baptized a Roman Catholic (History Place). As a young boy in Austria he was spoiled by his mother, who feared that she might lose another child; however from his father he received verbal and physical abuse because he expected total discipline. When Hitler attended school at a monastery he admired the way the Abbot controlled his monks with supreme authority. Hitler’s father and the Abbot both expected to have total control of their domains, because of this Hitler’s thought of control could have already been forming in his young mind.
      Around 1896 the family moved for the second time, to a small house, near a cemetery, which in the next few years would become home to Hitler’s younger brother, Edmund, and his father, Alois. Both of these deaths would send Hitler into the first of a long line of depressions. At the age of 13 Hitler became the head of his household and received his first taste of power and money.
     Education, Hitler found somewhat easy and received good marks at the beginning, however things would eventually change. Hitler found out that he had a good ability to remember buildings and draw realistic renderings of them from memory which will come into play later on in his life. After Hitler became bored with school he started making trouble and eventually dropped out at the age of 16 which began his years of dilettante, aimless existence, reading, painting, and wandering around (Biography).
     After Hitler’s mother died leaving him as an orphan, Hitler left for Vienna to attend the Academy of Fine Arts. However he failed the entrance exam twice and again began to wander aimlessly as a homeless orphan,his only income being small paintings of local landmarks, namely buildings, which he sold. This is when Hitler discovered anti-semetism and his racial views in the form of Mayor Karl Lueger and Lanz von Liebenfels, some prominent locals, that would remain as the Nazi ideology for some time.
     Hitler moved to Munich in 1913 where he joined a Bavarian regiment in the German army to fight in World War I.

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Hitler never complained about the conditions and often volunteered for dangerous missions barely surviving many of them. Corporal Hitler was injured in the leg by a shell fragment and sent away from the front. While doing light duty in Munich, Hitler was appalled at the apathy and anti war feelings among civilians. He blamed the Jews for undermining the German society into their current state which he would continue to do to his last day. Hitler received the Iron Cross First Class and several awards for bravery while he served. While he was hospitalized for the second time as a result of a British chlorine gas attack he was told that the Kaiser had fallen and that Germany was a republic.
     The ending of this war by the governments was considered an act of treason by many of the soldiers at the front. Hitler immediately laid blame onto the Jews a second time. In 1919 Hitler became an informer against the Marxists in his barracks, becoming one of many undercover agents weeding out Marxist influence in the military. It was at this time that Hitler realized his powers of persuasion through his speeches he gave for the army against Jews among others. As an assignment he was sent to investigate a group know as the German Worker’s Party which was believed to be a Marxist group. Because of an outburst he had at about one mans views Anton Drexler, one of the party founders, attempted to recruit him, which he accomplished.
     Hitler joined the party and slowly instilled his views and became their leader his first step in eventually attempting to wipe out Jews and other cultures he found inferior.
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