Why are people unequal in Society

Why are people unequal in Society

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Why are People Unequal in Society?
     According to Philosopher’s of the time of enlightenment the nature of society created inequality. These philosophers also believed that it was the job of the government to limit inequality and try to create conformity.
     Now we are able to see that inequality emerges with each and every interaction. This is because every individual possesses qualities which may be better or worse than another’s. These qualities include things such as intelligence, athletic ability, and beauty. However, this has become a problem that we ourselves created. We choose to compare ourselves to others. Sociologists have examined two aspects of this problem. One of these aspects is the simplicity of how inequality arises in the first place. The second aspect is how it is perpetuated over time. Social structure is a social pattern that involves unequal ranks. Once these ranks are discovered inequality will always exist.
     One of the main elements of inequality is the division of labor. There are three different settings for Division of Labor. The first setting is the economic setting. In this setting inequality occurs because of different jobs, money, positions of power, and dependence on others. This also creates inequality because an employer controls an employee. Once control is established there are automatically ranks. The boss may take advantage of his employee, and gain at this employee’s expense. Once this process has started it will never stop.
     The second setting for division of labor is the organizational division of labor. This division includes such things as family, friends, groups, schools, politics, and

churches. Within these groups there is a sense of the follower and the leader. These leadership positions allow there to be an advantage over others. This also shows that all organizations have few in power and many that must follow them in order to succeed.
     The third setting for the Division of Labor is the intentional division. This includes things such as war. In war there are always winners and losers. The winners of course end up ruling the losers. This provides a division of labor in which the outcome was somewhat intentional. This inequality is created by those who crave organization and structure. If these people do not agree with another country’s way of rule, they will defeat them and in turn bring in their own statutes.
     Social conflict is another way of creating inequality within a society.

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Social conflict is the act of struggling over something important in value. Again this creates a winner, loser situation. In these types of conflict it is obvious that one side will be denied their share. This is where the idea of unequal distribution comes into place. This creates more social conflict. However, the bottom line seems to be that where there is social conflict, there will be a winner. Winners have victory; therefore they have power over another. This in turn again has created inequality.
     After inequality had already occurred, it was made worse and worse as time went on. Now we have to deal with unequal distribution of privileges. In this case it is obvious that greed has created inequality. Everyone has an urge to own everything. This however, is not possible in society today.

     Positions in organizations also create inequality. According to the text there are 3 positions in organizations.
     The first position is the most important one. These are the positions which are necessary to the company. The workers in this classification get the most privileges.
     The second position consists of those who have sacrificed much of their time to training and education. The workers in these positions receive many privileges as well.      The third positions consist of those in which few qualify for the job. In this case, few people meet the criteria. The workers who are hired, meet all requirements, and receive many liberties in the company. Within a company it is common that people will be judged by the position that they occupy.
     Inequality is obviously continuing all around us. The reasons for this are the efforts of the powerful, social institutions, culture, socialization, and instruments of force. Many wish we could stop this inequality. However, once inequality starts there is no way of stopping it. Therefore, we are doomed to suffer in an unequal society for the rest of our lives.
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