Who I would take to dinner

Who I would take to dinner

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Given the opportunity to invite five people to a dinner party, I thought about what I should serve, who would be my server, and which five people I will invite. To start off this infamous dinner party I chose to have it at the Santa Barbara Hotel in California. I picked out the largest banquet room, and had it stocked with art supplies, music equipment, and various other items. I chose to serve anything and everything, sushi, watermelon, pasta, meat, liquor, etc. I chose to invite five very different people, Andy Warhol, Ross Pero, Victoria Taylor, Cheech and Chong, Ja Rule, and of course myself.
     One of my all time favorite artists is Andy Warhol. I wanted him to be at my party to ask what inspired his whole idea of pop art and if he would do a portrait of myself and the dinner party. Warhol seems like a very emotional and mixed up person and I would just like to meet him one time to experience Warhol.
     The media gives Ross Pero a bad image. An image that gives the public visualizations of his appearance. I have always wanted to see Pero in person. I want to see if his ears are really that big. I don’t want to put down his intelligence so he will also inform us of world news and anything else his mind holds.
     There is a series of movies that these two star in, and their names are Cheech and Chong. They will liven up the atmosphere and try to get everyone to smoke marijuana. I made them something special for them to eat while they were at my party, pot leaf soup and hash brownies. I have wondered what it would be like to be Cheech and Chong to see how much of there brains were really left and marijuana they could smoke.
     Victoria Taylor is my God Mother, she is my living day role model. She owns a high fashion clothing store in Portland, Oregon. I wanted her to come because she really knows how to get people going and how to have great parties. She respects different people which makes her a prime choice to come because she would not be “weirded” out by my guests.
     My last guest is music artist Ja Rule. He is a rap/ hip hop artist, but his voice and appearance is really nice. I wanted him to come to my party to not only be a guest but to perform, that is what the music equipment is for.

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Ja Rule probably would not come by him self he would bring his entourage, which would make this dinner party a little bigger.
     I chose people who would have a good time and would make the most of these people. I also added a server/ waitress to my list… Dennis Rodman. I wanted him to be at my dinner, but not a guest. He is only for short periods of time. I hoping that this dinner party goes well and conversation is crazy. I would not want it any other way.
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