The Importance of Religion

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Life has a purpose; its intent is to lead a religious life. One can ask the question” how can we lead a religious life” Ever since antiquity many philosophers have expressed their views on the issues on leading a good life. After being exposed to these different thoughts I came up with the conclusion that leading a religious life revolves around the idea of loving God and everything He loves. Following is an illustration of the coloration of loving God between the purpose of our existence and religion. The purpose of our existence, we are here to serve God. First we must look at this as we would a circle or cycle. God created Adam and Eve; he gave them free will to do as they please. Due to faults of their free will we must in a sense “suffer” for their mistakes. The cycle goes as is we are born, we die there are two doors heaven and hell. Based on our conscious doing here on earth, it is determined whether we enter the gates of heaven or in the fiery bushes of hell. Often times one may ask “if God loves the world why does he allow bad things to happen?” my answer to this question is quite simple if he were to intervene and prevent bad thing from happening to one person, for example he stopped a child from getting hit by a car while crossing the street; then he would have to intervene for everyone. What would our world be without any bad? We must go through trials and tribulations. In order to make sense out of the word religion, one must first understand the meaning of religion. Religion is a basic teaching “ like the central wooden floor of a house” Religion is practical, basic and it is the central teaching. God therefore become the foundation of the house; God if subsequently removed the entire Universe collapse. Just as is you took the foundation out from the house, the house would fall. Most people often only call onto God for help and guidance when they feel that their world is not going as they would ike. Religion is a major influence in our life and covers almost every aspect of our being. For a long while I have been disconcerted over the problematic meaning of religion. I on a quest to find life in religion and give meaning for me and all the other lost souls out there who are still searching for that “meaning.
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