war poetry and one related material

war poetry and one related material

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“When the Power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix.
The topic we are studying is Experience through Language. This type of text is used to get a message through to the responder using literary techniques. From the start of time people have been documenting expressions on war for and against.
Two articles I’ve chosen that relate to war are a Propergander poster from England in 1914 and the poem “The Soldier” composed by Rupert Brooke in 1915.

We see how both composers try to convey the glories of war. This is one of the main messages in both pieces of material.
In the poster there is persuasion to Patriotism. This is displayed by the bold letters spelling the sentence “Britons Wants You”. The effect of this makes the viewer feel as if what is said is directed at him or her.
The same message is found in ‘the soldier’ in the first few lines ‘if I should die, think this of me, that there’s some corner of a foreign field, that is for ever England there shall be in that rich earth a richer dust concealed’ – this quote makes the reader feel pride for his country. It glorifies war.

There is a visual aid in the poster of Lord Kitchener pointing at you. Lord kitchener was displayed on many recruitment posters pointing at ‘you’. The technique of him pointing engages the viewer by making him or her feel dedicated toyou their country.

Another message in ‘The soldier’ is the sacrifice for your country. A technique used to show this is 1st person speech as in the line “if I should die, think only this of me.” Using 1st person makes it more personal as it lends an authenticity.
Another technique is the repetition of the word England. This emphasizes an important point the composer wants to send to the reader. He has respect for his country. Rupert Brooke uses lines like “Shaped, Made aware” it gives personification as if England has nurtured them like a mother.

Both sources mention biblical or religious allusions. In the poster there is the words “God Save The King” in capital letters.

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And in the poem there are lines such as “washed by the rivers, blest by the suns of home.” This is a play on words as it is used in the context of The sun in the sky and also the son of god. This is a spiritual and pure reference.

In conclusion, War can be a very powerful text to write about, the messages are clear and effective on a widespread variety of language techniques used. Something to think about.. will the wars ever end?
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