College Athletes and Their Learning Struggles

College Athletes and Their Learning Struggles

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College athletes and their learning struggles are common through higher educational facilities. Their marriage to two fulltime activities is not well known to the public. Why we are not seeing how many young athletes are used by the academic system? Is Petrie’s article true reflection of struggling athletes in crude education? Sad truth hidden in those articles is collecting dust in libraries. The truth is addressed to teachers, coaches and trainers.
Petrie is forced to write down his thoughts and feelings, even if they would not be read by anyone. His personal experience with a sad story of a former student, had forced Petrie to publish his article in school’s Journal. Publishing his essay has specific significance to its readers, where many different audiences are addressed. These audiences are not clearly identified; only detailed investigation and full understanding of the article will allow us to see who is guilty. Because author is not directly holding responsible anybody, we can only assume various potential readers are targeted.
Scholl faculty is the main audience of Petrie’s assay. Teachers, coaches, trainers, advisors and counselors are working closely everyday with students. Involvement and understanding of athlete’s lives should be in their interest. Petrie is forwarding his message to people, which are working next to young and unfortunate minds. Young minds which are played like little puppets. Petrie is asking everybody to stop, and look what is being done behind the curtains.
Very important audience is teachers, who are dealing directly with young athletes. Filling out questionnaires, spending additional time and extending assignments due dates for most athlete students. These procedures show us great concern from academic department. Through years teachers have developed different views and opinions for these special students. Some teachers are working closely with athletes, giving them special treatment. Others are handling them as regular students. Petrie is trying to reach those teachers, who treat students differently and on individual basis. The treatment varies because some of students enrolled in their classes are seen as school’s sports stars, which will bring fame and good reputation to that school. Those teachers see that as an advantage to them also, because it might benefit them directly; possible increase in salary and popularity. Teachers have to realize that their so-called help, will benefit young athletes in academic education. Professors need to be aware that some of their students may become victims, because as the authority they do not see how their help may affect future of alumni.

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Coaches are mostly involved in academic lives of their trainees. They could be the main targets of Petrie’s essay. Trainers are working very closely with each young individual, making sure trainees are the best performance. To be successful, athletes have to believe trainer in their practices. The homework that is given by coaches is practice and more practice until the perfection is achieved. The only work that is being corrected is the performance of the athlete. Coaches do not teach how to write an essay, how to improve speaking, enhance vocabulary or simply saying they do not prepare the student for their future career.
I think that advisors/counselors hold the most fault for student’s useless and time consuming schedule, because they are the ones, that should listen to the individual student and try to help him to achieve his goal. Advisors do not spend enough time with a student; therefore they cannot help him to succeed. Counselors intentionally are extending students education, by signing them into wrong or unnecessary classes. This is how the advisors and counselors are buying time for their team success. During college years most of the students treat their sport activity as their entertainment time and they do not see that sport performance will guarantee them future dream job, or the skills needed to perform that job. Obtaining college degree should be the main focus of the both parties, students as well the advisors.
Finally, the young and inexperienced athletes are not innocent too. I think it is almost impossible for a student not to know his major requirements. Athletes should not be taken by hand through college by coaches and trainers. Student should be aware of coaches whose their interest is mostly in team success. Students are not direct audience of Petrie’s essay but they should be aware of potential situation, that could change their course of direction.
Petrie is not explicitly suggesting solution to a problem nor directly accusing anybody. Everybody is able to read and know the direction of their careers. The Chronicle of Higher Education truly represents academic system. System that uses and then discards student athletes after final buzzer. There are many witnesses to this crude system, they cannot be kept under cover.
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