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Children are one of God's best gifts to people, as watching their children grow
is one of the best pleasures people enjoy during their life course. For this
reason, parents must take good care of their children during their early years,
as they are vulnerable to many diseases due to their weak immunity. There are
many diseases, infecting children, that may lead to death such as the polio
disease. Scientists found a solution to this problem, by injecting a tiny sample
of the virus into the child's blood, in order to stimulate the immune system to
fight the disease if the child catches it, which is known as vaccination.
However, McTaggart contradicts this by pointing out that vaccination problems
far outweigh those of going unvaccinated (1). Therefore, there are many
questions concerning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines as opposed to
those of going unvaccinated.

Vaccines can cause complications that are more harmful than those of going
unvaccinated or even the disease itself. Professor of epidemiology at the
university of Washington, Dr Russell Alexander, points out that the panel set
up to determine the risks of vaccination did not compare it to those of being
unvaccinated (qtd in Miller 9). This means that the research done by the panel,
which proved vaccination risks to be 'too small to count', contains many
weaknesses. McTaggart links the appearance of learning disabilities, autism, and
hyperactivity to the beginning of the mass vaccination programs (1). Thus,
vaccination is directly related to many diseases, in which some are still
unknown. McTaggart adds that the mumps vaccine has proved to be a direct cause
of seizures, meningitis, deafness, and encephalitis. (6). These are extremely
dangerous and unrecoverable diseases. Dr J Anthony Morris, an immunization
specialist formerly of America's 'National Institutes of Health' and 'Food and
Drug Administration' says that "In several of the studies, the measles vaccine
strain has been recovered from the spines of the victims, showing conclusively
that the vaccine caused the encephalitis" (qtd in McTaggart. 5). Thus, this
doctor as a medical authority relates the measles vaccine to a deadly disease
such as the encephalitis. On the other hand, the risks of catching the disease
for unvaccinated children are similar, if not less, to the risks of developing
harmful complications due to the vaccine. Therefore, vaccination is more risky
to your child than going unvaccinated.

In addition to the safety problems, vaccines have also proven to be ineffective
among many children. McTaggart reasons the current debate about vaccination to
the fact that measles portion of the triple shot is not working (2). This means
that children who receive the triple shot, called MMR, which is a short hand for

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measles, mumps, and rubella, are not completely immune against these diseases.
McTaggart adds that the cases of measles are increasing exponentially during the
last decade (2). Similar to measles, McTaggart states that rubella's portion of
the vaccine showed failure in preventing this fatal disease (3). Therefore, the
fact that vaccination is not effective is common in many diseases. According to
the 'Centers for Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality' in 1985, about 80
percent of measles cases occurring to children in America were in vaccinated
ones who were vaccinated in an appropriate age (McTaggart 3). Therefore,
generally vaccination is ineffective against most diseases.

Vaccine supporters defend vaccines claiming that it caused a reduction in the
number of disease cases among children upon its invention. However, this claim
is wrong, as it lacks an important side, which is was the number of disease
among children increasing or decreasing before the vaccine invention. By
reviewing the child disease history before vaccine's invention, we see that the
number of child-disease cases was already decreasing before the invention of
vaccines. Nowadays, the number of child-disease cases are beginning to grow
again due to the increasing use of vaccines. Vaccines are not the reason for the
decreasing number of child-disease cases, as it is steadily increasing nowadays.

Therefore, vaccinated children face more problems than the unvaccinated ones.
Vaccination is hazardous to the child's health and could cause even greater
complications than those of the disease itself. In addition to safety problems,
vaccination has proved to be ineffective against many diseases such as measles
and rubella to name some of them. Besides, Castro infers in "House and Home"
magazine, that childhood illness gives the child's immunity a chance to develop
stronger and more resistant to diseases (24). Thus, it is a kind of training for
the immune system of the child against diseases. Therefore, vaccination should
be abolished, for it is not safe nor it is effective against many diseases.


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