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The protagonist in this self titled autobiography Martin Luther King, Jr. is Martin Luther King Jr. himself. In this scene Mr. King was at a book signing in a Harlem department store. As he was autographing a copy of his book about the Montgomery bus boycott titled “ Stride toward Freedom” he was approached by the antagonist of this scene; an obviously demented black woman later to be judged as legally insane, Mrs. Izola Ware Curry. On Saturday September 20, 1958 Mrs. Curry approached Mr. King and asked, “Are you Martin Luther King?” Mr. King replied “Yes”, and she commenced to stab him in the chest with a razor sharp letter opener.
     Martin Luther King, Jr. was rushed to Harlem Hospital by ambulance where he would lay for four hours while he was being prepped for the removal of the keen-edged knife. Days after surgery Dr. Maynard, the chief of the surgeons, informed Mr. King that the razor tip of the letter opener was touching his aorta requiring them to open his chest to remove it. With this comment to follow, “ If you had sneezed during all those hours of waiting your aorta would have been punctured and you would have drowned in your own blood.” said Dr. Maynard.
     If this had actually been the one of Dr. King’s last days; it would have meant that the world would have been deprived of a ten year, non-violent campaign that did in fact change society for the better. A little less than a year after his near fatal stabbing he and his family would embark upon a journey to India accompanied by Dr. D.L. Reddick. There he meet Ghandi himself giving him newfangled prospective on non-violent campaigns.
     On a Humid Saturday Afternoon on September 20, 1958, Dr. King sat in a Harlem Department store signing copies of his book on the Montgomery bus boycott entitled “Stride Toward Freedom”. Amidst all the smiles and support of the crowd derived an obviously deranged woman. She approached Dr. King and inquired,”Are you Martin Luther King?” As Dr. King Replied, ”Yes“ She stabbed him in the chest with a letter opener. Dr. King was rushed to the Harlem hospital by ambulance where he was immediately prepped and admitted to the surgery ward. After hours on the operating table the head surgeon Dr. Maynard, had the saturnine duty of telling the King family that the totality of effort shown by he an his team were only able to slow Dr.

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Kings hemorrhaging aorta.
     After another failed attempt to stabilize his internal bleeding Dr. King remained on life support and in critical condition for seven days. After he stop responding to numerous test they pronounced Dr. King officially brain dead September 27, 1958 at 11:17pm. Dr. Kings family made funeral preparations with there meager funds of a 1950's lower middle-class family, but, the state had something on a larger scale in mind. Funded by the NAACP, various community churches and the generosity of others the King family had enough money to get on there feet and cater the largest funeral in the country to this day. There were over 2,000,000 African Americans and about a million and a half of Anglo-Saxon decent.
     This was one funeral precession that brought people together from all over the world. There were representatives there from the nation of Islam with their chest outward and cocky but there heads hung low. They knew that even though they weren’t affiliated they stood for a common cause, peace. On this day all petty bickering between races stopped and it was named international peace day; November 7. This event proved that the enemy was with in; not on the complexion of those light and dark faces but in the minds of those individuals who are too bull headed to co-exist and work cooperatively with some one of another descent.

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