Treastie on thinking

Treastie on thinking

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What you are about to read are only my thoughts. The thoughts in which I would pay any amount of money not to behold for I wish I could be simple minded and just follow instead of being damned with holding thoughts that no one else shares.
The whole idea, man governing man is simply ridiculous. What gives any man the idea that he is in some way more powerful than any others? Man just has to realize that government is pointless. However I am not a fool and understand that in the society we live in government is essential. Man always needs to feel that everything just peachy. A government is just people who want to be apart of something. They live in the same society so they feel as though they share the same ideas. When in fact no one knows what his ideas actually are for the damned society IS the only government we know. And by society do not mean the media, that is just part of it. I mean everything that we do; all of our lively actions are controlled by the media. People try to be different by becoming gothic when that only gives everyone else to raise an eyebrow to. “Goths” are people who do not agree with the current society so they dress differently and bitch and complain about no one understanding them, instead of expressing there thoughts in a manner that the current society would could try to understand.
If man would just open their minds instead of only living to prepare. We prepare our kids for kindergarten only to prepare for elementary school where you prepare for high school, their u only prepare for college or to enter the work force. In the work force you prepare for promotions. Then you prepare for retirement. Only to live your final years preparing for death. The whole time only eating a cake and drinking a beer to find some escape from this horrible cycle. I know I am just writing this pointless treatise is only adding to the whole cycle. I am being a simple-minded hypocrite. I go through life accepting society, and only on occasion sit back and just think, trying some way to grasp this whole.. Thing. You may have any opinion you want I only ask that u base on it on actual feelings and not your brain, which has been molded into a protocol piece of plastic that works just as everyone else’s.

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To the people who believe in a supreme being I think you are fool. You believe that there is a “God” just because you are told so. Why!? How could you? How can you think that there is supreme being directing and guiding are lives. When something good happens god had to have something to do with it. His love and mercy for all of us “bad” sinners felt bad for us and helped us out in a time of need. When a tragedy comes along it was our fault. God gave us free will, WE incompetent humans failed. We messed up. He gave us the power to do evil and that is exactly what we did. Bullshit…Most of the time it is because people believe in the god damned religions that cause evil. Is the thought of being alone really that scary? Are you really afraid that when you are in trouble there is no one there? Instead of spending the day in church on them damned uncomfortable pews, or staying in bed with your rosary praying, waiting for god himself to come down and help you out, get off your simple ass and do something. And even IF there was a god I am sure he would rather you do go out and make the most of your life, not sit on your ass all day praying, thanking him for everything or begging him for mercy. I sure as hell know if I were god I wouldn’t want millions of people doing such a thing. I would want them to think of it as a gift. Treasure it. You have life! LIFE! So live you idiot! Go out and have a great time. We live in this damned society so why the hell not make the most of it. We only are on this time for a blink of an eye, and then we are gone. GONE. I know i am skipping around on my subjects but to tell you the truth I don’t give a damn. You’re the one taking the time to read this. I am just writing my thoughts down and my thoughts have no pattern so nor will this. Everything in the bible is false. It is just a book a couple people wrote that people used as an escape. That is all we as humans try to do is escape reality. And if you think just because you do not drink or do drugs that you are not running from this world then you are a damn idiot. Everything in this damn society is an escape. Drinking and drugs are just the easiest escape and for some reason we look down on those who use this escape. When religion, TV, computer, books, cookies, sex, sports, tobacco, pets, government, everything is just an attempt to get away from this world for just a little bit. Instead of trying to change society we try to brush it under the rug. And just to let you know at any time you want you can stop reading this and call me a stupid hypocrite, for I would have more respect for you if you just set this aside as some teenager who is morally lost and went along life as a druid living this cycle then actually understanding what I am trying to get say and still living this cycle with out a deeper thought. All I ask is that you just think. JUST THINK! Though I am the biggest hypocrite there is. I do not wish to be, I am just not smart. Not smart enough to get off my ass and change society. For unless everyone in this world would think as I did it would not work. However if everyone did think like me it would just go back to before. You would be listening to someone with out even considering what you yourself want to think. Instead of reading this and try to comprehend what I am saying (I can not even comprehend it so good luck on that one) THINK for yourself! No.. I do not mean on stupid subjects like is abortion morally correct, or which president should I vote for. Think about life. I know it is hard to think about. I cannot go thinking about life for 5 minutes with out my brain going in a thousand different places to end up just going blank. I think, what’s the purpose of life, is there a purpose. Or is the purpose just to not have a purpose. We live life only to do that. Live.
     I also hate the whole school system. Grades… fuck em… grades only see your knowledge. How much you have learned. Knowledge is utterly idiotic. It has nothing to do with your wisdom or your capability or processing your own thoughts in your head. Is that not the only thing we actually own? Our thoughts. Those are the only things that will be there till our last seconds on earth. So these are the things we should hold dear. So who gives a damn if a kid knows the square root of 57521 or who killed Abraham Lincoln. I would rather have a child, a person, be able express to the world his thoughts. What HE thinks about the world not what his teacher says is right. And if give me an F for this then I wish you would not have read it at all, for you lost the point altogether. Instead of writing on if I think steroids should be banned from baseball or writing a paper on a dead guy that has contributed to society, I am trying to contribute. By just expressing your thoughts you can try to open peoples minds. For that is the only way we can attempt to change things.
I would wish to explain myself a little more. I do believe religion is good in some ways. It is good for idiots, for those who cannot think for themselves. It gives them hope well it just gives you an escape. However if you do believe in god or any type of religion then I say go to hell for looking at others who have decided to waste their life by drinking, drugs, over eating. For they just are just faster than you. They DID escape this world. They made it to the finish line. You’re just far behind. At least they are good at escaping your just a failure. If it’s wrong to drink and do drugs then it should be wrong to believe in religion for its only wasting a precious life. And is that not what you are doing by going to church instead of having a good time or praying for something to happen instead of doing everything in your power to do it yourself.
So get your pen ready. Get ready to give me a failure for expressing myself. Shake your head and give it to someone else to read. Yea. Give it to someone else so they can agree with you and say this kid is lost. For you agree with everything I have written but your scared to believe in it. So let others read it so they can agree with you in saying I am lost. So you can feel safe in knowing that I am wrong. So that when you go to bed tonight and pray there will be someone listing to you. Then you both will feel safe. Instead of giving this to someone else so that you can both shake your heads at it and disagree. That will make everything better. The reassurance of another. Though, I do deserve an F. I did no research, my grammar is all screwed up, and my choice of words may raise hair on your neck. Well it’s just my thoughts written down in a poor manner. I would rather fail for my thoughts then get a B for copying someone else’s. And in failing, maybe even help you think just a little bit. Finally, please do not mock my intelligence by excusing me of copying this from someone else. If there indeed were someone who shares my views I would give anything to talk with that person about there views. For the only deep conversations I have had have been about simple talks about minute things that humans discuss just to feel apart of something. Well I wish to stop trailing on since if you have not grasped anything I have said yet there is no point in continuing. However if you ask me to write more on these subjects I would say yes with a smile. For this was only a VERY small portion of all the thoughts that I have been cursed with.
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