To Pleasant Or Not To Pleasant

To Pleasant Or Not To Pleasant

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     Welcome to the world of drugs, sex, crime, and the worst weather you could ever imagine. Or, if it were a choice would you rather jump into the TV and join all your buddies at the perfect place. Nothing is ever out of order, there are no “F’s” to worry about, you do everything the same way everyday and if you do anything it’s going to be perfect. The largest problem that would come along would be Mrs. Smith’s cat getting stuck in the tree again. Luckytown you ask? No, it’s Pleasantville. Sounds great doesn’t it. Who wouldn’t want to live there? But, there always has to be someone to corrupt everything.
     In this story that started out with two siblings that hated each other because of their popularity at school turned into a great movie. The sister was punky and the brother was nerdy, their views on life were very different. When the sister, Reese Witherspoon, plans to have her soon to be boyfriend over to watch the MTV awards her brother, Toby Magurie, has already planned to watch his favorite TV show Pleasantville. As the two fight over the remote control they break it. An old mysterious man shows up claming to be the TV repairman. Both siblings are in wonder why he showed up on their doorstep. They let him in; he ends up testing the brother on Pleasantville. Then he gives the two a big powerful remote that anyone would go crazy over. They are instantly zapped into the TV. When they get to Pleasantville they are both shocked and don’t know what to do. The brother tries to get the sister to play along, but that is not her inner nature. She plays along in front of her brother, for a while. She quickly tires of all the sweetness and starts playing with everyone. She shows them bad things and the result of this is color. Everyone starts changing colors and the gray people are revolted by the change, because it’s not what they are used to. As the movie goes through, everything changes. It kind of has the effect of war. One bad thing happens and everyone is effected.
     The sister and the brother have to start getting along to keep everyone sane. The idea of the change was the reason why everyone was changing. The teenagers would have intercourse and turn to color, they would read and turn to color, and even chew gum and turn to color.

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In a certain part of the movie Reese Witherspoon asks Tobey Maguire why she hasn’t turned color yet, because she had had twice as much sex as the rest of the girls. The brother didn’t know why, but she soon figured it out for herself. She realized she could be smart, and instead of partying she could stay in and find her inner self. Which is what she had to do, but Tobey couldn’t figure out how to change. He got a girl, he had fun, he worked his job and he tried to keep everyone in order. What he had to do to change was learn to stand up for someone that he loves, and see that he doesn’t always have to be the good kid. Once they learned their lessons, they could go home, but the sister chose not to. So she could start over. The brother chose to go back home and show the love to his mother that he never had before.
     I think in out reality lots of people would love to have a second chance like the sister did. The point of the story is to help people realize what they have, and to be happy with it.
     I would give the movie a B++ because it’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but the point of the movie was very good. The choice of Actors was well, but I think I will always see Reese Witherspoon as a sweet innocent person because of the movie “Cruel Intentions”. The entertainment value definitely earned an A, in my opinion.

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