I Have Created My Own Walden Pond

I Have Created My Own Walden Pond

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I Have Created My Own Walden Pond

Thoreau believed in “Living deep and sucking all the marrow out of life,” and so he lived on Walden Pond for two years to see how he could simplify in order to live to the fullest. I have created my own “Walden,” a place I could retire in order to escape the materialism of my society.

The place that I created to go where there is no materialism and I can be myself and be who I want to be is a place that’s far away deep in the woods. This place is a place that anything is possible. All around you, you see nothing but flowers and animals, beautiful green grass and my own little cottage to spend my days in. Out there I don’t need to hassle with having to pay bills or having to find a job. All I need to do is sit back and relax. I like to fish for food, but I only catch what I can eat, because I don’t want my game to go scarce. I sometimes hunt for my dinner and look for food on the ground like pinecones, or bushes of berries. Out in the forest nobody has to worry about materialism they only have to be themselves. I chose this place because I love the forest and I love animals. I don’t want to put up any fuss about doing anything that I don’t want to do. I can enjoy living out there in the wilderness only listening to nature and the things that surround me. I bath in a river that flows fresh water in everyday. I am happy that I have pets because if I didn’t then I would be lonely all the time and I would have nobody to share my secrets with.

     My dwelling is not much, but it suits my needs, and out there I don’t need much. All I have is a chair to read in, a toilet under the tree outside, and a bed. I only have the necessities that I need to live. I build a fire every night for warmth and to cook my food. My house is just a cabin that can only fit me and my dog skip just the way that I want it. Flowers that make it look pretty and interesting surround my cabin. It’s something that’s cozy and something that I can just go to and think and be by myself and never have to worry about anybody or anything but my pets and myself.

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     Materialism in my eyes creates a world full of chaos and stress. Everybody just needs a place to go and relax to get away from it all. What I gathered from my creation was that there is always a place that someone can go for comfort and relaxation. My values about life change from day to day and its just good to know that I have a place like Thoreau and my own “Walden” that I can retire in order to escape the materialism of my society.
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