Free Glass Menagerie Essays: Realism

Free Glass Menagerie Essays: Realism

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The Realistic Feel of The Glass Menagerie

Tom Williams in the play The Glass Menagerie writes about a time when his family struggles.  Many people can relate their problems one way or another with Williams.  Though the play had a very realistic feel to it, many people enjoy fairytale endings.

The play is very well written, but I would change the ending.   The ending was depressing.   The whole family worked so hard on preparing for the gentleman caller.  Amanda, Tom's mother completely redecorated their home and picked out beautiful clothes for Laura and herself.  The whole play led up to this moment, of Laura meeting a nice gentleman caller.  Conveniently it was the boy she had a crush on all through high school.   Whom, she always fantasized about being with.  At first it seemed he was interested in her also.  They should have had him and Laura become romantically involved.  Eventually get married and have kids.  This would have been a much happier ending.  Not only would Laura be happy, but Amanda and Tom would be too.  Amanda would finally not have to worry about her daughter anymore, because she would be taken care of.  Tom would be happy because he too, would no longer have to worry about his sister.  This is more like a fairy tale ending, but it would have been much more interesting and inspiring if Laura did become married to the gentlemen caller.  Laura had such a rough time with her life, this would have given her hope that she never had.

The entire play is a family struggling which can be compared to many of our own lives.  The play isn't fantasy like at all.  It is realistic, and that's what is good about it.  Tom was struggling to taking care of his mother and sister, which can be compared, to the way families live today.  Laura is disabled and very insecure of it.  Amanda is just like any mother, she tries hard to help her children have a secure future.  Another hardship for Tom and his family is that their father is no longer in the picture.  He abandoned the children at a very young age.  These examples can be compared to our own lives.  Instead of the play being about people with no problems, it's about "real people."  Everyone has problems and struggles, maybe not exactly as Tom's family does, but we can relate with similar problems.

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Many people struggle just like William's family, but for the most of us we want to have that happy ending.  Whether it's meeting Mr. Right or Mrs. Right or just becoming successful.   Some people may never rise above these struggles, but if the play had a happy ending, it can be shown as an example that there is hope for change.  Everyone should remember that we have control over our lives and we can change it if we want to.
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