The Tempest Is A Play About The Power And Dangers Of Creativity

The Tempest Is A Play About The Power And Dangers Of Creativity

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The Tempest is a play about the power and dangers of creativity. Discuss.

"From beginning to end the play-write gives prominence to the problems of dominion, freedom, political failure and of repetition."
Like Russ Mc Donald I also believe that Shakespeare devoted his last comedy largely to the exploration of the shapes and effects that possession and the search for power can have on persons. The Tempest's central character, Prospero, is also crucial to this interpretation. His unique magical gifts give him undefeatable power to wreak vengeance on his enemies. It is a position fraught with dangers both for him and for others. But he is not the only veichel. Entwined with this wizard's inventive qualities are questions over what can only be called, by a modern reader as the theme of colonialism in the play which pervades the minds of all the 'civilised' Italians; Caliban and Miranda are the two primary victims of this patriarchal society. One must also make a note of the motif of usurpation in the play and recognise its interesting implications.
Shakespeare initiates a mood of danger and imagination from the off, as the play begins with the great tempest which threatens to bring the sailors to their doom. The tempest we also find out was the intention of Prospero rather than the will of nature thus immediately establishing Prospero as a character with unusual powers but with severe possibilities, this is highlighted by the juxtaposition of the pleading Miranda who says…..
This is not the only time in the play where she plays this role, when Ferdinand falls in love with Miranda Prospero treats him harshly and Miranda's leaps to his defence while telling Ferdinand …..
Her we see the danger that Propero's magic combined with his nature can prove too much for some. But there is more danger ahead as we shall see.

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The tempest also highlights Propero's dual role in the action, both as man and as God. God called the tempest as they believe the other strange events that befall them later such as …..
But to the inhabitants of the island (Miranda, Arial, and Caliban) is an ordinary man. Prospero uses this position to great effect i.e. to regain his dukedom, which was usurped by the travellers long ago.
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