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Mike Trisimano was what most would call an average, normal city boy at age 14. It was a tough time for him, partly because he didn’t have the perfect or richest family in the world, partially because he didn’t have all of the friends a kid could have, and partially because he didn’t have the interest in hobbies or athleticism that most of the other kids had. Now, keep in mind, Mike wasn’t a total loser, for he did have parents and friends and he wasn’t the kid picked last in gym class, yet at the same time, he didn’t really have anything special about him. He was a pretty plain, average kid. However, one day on his walk home from school, this would all change.
     Mike was walking home on his normal route, and realized that a man hole exploded on the corner of New York Avenue and 48th St. Everyone had stopped and was staring at what had happen, but Mike uninterestedly turned around to find another way home. He walked down a few unfamiliar streets, but he was familiar with the area and figured that he knew where he was going. He headed towards McMurdo Park on 47th St, then turned onto Van Ranst Blvd. On Van Ranst, he saw a dollar on the ground. Ignorantly, he picked it up and felt a strange impulse to turn right into a dark alley. Out of nowhere, the sky went black. Mike felt like he was in the middle of a tornado. He felt a rush in his gut that was worse than the way his worst nightmare had ever made him feel. He thought to himself that nobody could have ever been more scared than he was.
     While he was still in the air, three figures appeared to him. One was a tall, skinny, dark man, wearing all dark clothing. He had both hands in his pockets, and his facial features were blocked by a hood, with braids coming out of the bottom. He said, “Yo, whats poppin kidd?” Without saying anything, Mike looked to the next figure. It was a shorter man, appearing much wider than the first man, mostly because he was in a costume that looked like a warewolf. It was a very big costume, but not very real looking. He said, in an old-fashioned British accent, “How do you do?” The last man, not very tall and a little broad-shouldered, was wearing a pin-striped suit.

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He had dark hair with gel in it, he was tan, and very neat and dapper. He said, “How you doin?” If Mike thought he was scared before, now, he was terrified.
     They all returned to the ground. The first man turned to Mike again, and said to him, “Yo dawg listen I need you to do me a solid. I need you to get me a box of dutches outta that bodega ova thea. Good looks in advance.” Mike had no money, and he had a feeling that this man knew that. After no response from Mike, the second man turned to him and said, “Chap, I would like a favor. I need someone to cut this costume off of my head with a chainsaw. That’s the only way it can come off. Thank you.” Mike now realized that this man was a lunatic, and pinched himself to see if it was dreaming. It burned. Finally, the third man said, “Listen little guy. I need you to hold on to something for me. I come back to get it in a few days.” And he threw him a pillow case full of what felt like small metal objects. Mike dropped the pillowcase, and said to himself that he wanted nothing to do with these men. They all wanted him to do bad things, and he had no problem being himself. He turned around and sprinted out of the alley. He ran back towards 48th and New York Ave, and realized that there was never any exploded manhole or any of that. Confused, he kept running until he got home. Mike would never fully understand what happened that day, or why those men wanted him to do those things, or why he got away so easily. However, one thing was for sure: he wasn’t going to even think about spending that dollar.
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