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     The south can be defined in many ways depending on the person’s feelings

toward it and that of which they have experienced. To me the south has to be the best

place to live in all the United States.

     One of the things that stick out in my head about my beloved birthplace that will

never be forgotten, because they’re held so dear to my heart, are the smiling faces that

you see everywhere you look. I’m telling you; people here are so nice that you would be

lucky to find someone rude towards you within a week’s period. That can only be best

described just as plain ole’ southern hospitality. I mean the dialect of all the southerners

is so comforting, it just reassures you that your plenty welcome all the time. The thing

that gets me and always makes me appreciate the southerners’ lingo is the great analogies

used by them. Seriously, For every situation you can think of there’s got to be about five

southern phrases used to describe that very thing.

     Another thing that defines the south is its culture. Where else can you find a

garage sell at every turn. I mean where else is there a state park that hosts a gathering of

country folk to sell all there junk to another southerner who in turn will be right back at

that same place with a stand of their own trying to get rid of the dang thing they bought

just a few weeks ago. The funny thing is, if you ever decided to take a drive through the

south, you would probably mistake some southerner’s land as a yard sell or junkyard for

that matter. Most southerners aren’t surprised when they see they’re friends yard covered

with old tires, rusty cars, broken chairs, and all of these things just swallowed in 3 foot of

grass that hasn’t been cut since little Bo wrecked the tractor used to bush hog the thick

stuff. I mean there’s just no telling what you might find in that very grass. All

southerners love wearing boots and I can surely see why, because every yard you walk

through you’ll soon stub your toe on just about anything from a old toilet to some scrap

metal that’s going to be used to put a roof on a shooting house whenever winter blows in.

     The atmosphere down here is great also.

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The people are just so laid back without

a care in the world. We have to be the laziest place in the world. We are the only place

that has a fast food place about every teen foot. Because were too lazy to fix something

ourselves. Waffle House, need I say more? I still remember the stories my dad used to

tell me about how he lived out on Harless rd. in this log cabin that didn’t get electricity

till he was eight. This house had cracks in the floor so big that every time he dropped

his pencil while he was doing his homework it would just fall straight through. And the

only way to keep warm was to just sit right there in front of the fireplace balled up in the

quilt his momma made him years ago. I mean if that isn’t country what is? Down here

90% of all the vehicles driven down here are trucks with 2-foot lifts and huge tires that

can go through the thickest mud imaginable.

      To me these things and many more stay dear to my heart. I will never ever forget

the south and how great it is to live here. I don’t think I’ll ever leave this great place

that’s so unpopulated that you can actually take a breath of clean fresh air that just makes

you appreciate life. The south can only be described in one word, heaven.
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