The Saddest Day

The Saddest Day

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It was one of those superb days that makes you forget all your problems

and makes you grateful that you are alive. The sun was beaming down

scintillating honeyed rays to the earth, turning everything they touched into gold.

The wind was a light blowing breeze, like angels breathing softly upon the world.

The birds were singing their most beautiful songs turning the trees into radiant

symphony orchestras. The crystal clear sky must have transformed into a mirror

over the Caribbean Sea, for it was of the most beautiful shades of blue I had

ever laid eyes on. The leaves were blowing around on the ground, already

changed to fall colors of browns, yellows, and even pinks. The air smelled

refreshing like a splash of cold water on your face when you awake in the

morning, and crispy like an autumn leaf. Indeed, it was a glorious day, but you

should never judge a book by its cover.

     As I stepped out of the house that morning, I took a deep breath and let

the morning air fill my lungs. I was off to school, my Dad was waiting impatiently

for me in the car. Beep! Beep! I heard the horn blow, echoing off the brick wall

of my apartment. I hurried along to the car, barely jumping in before my Dad

started to pull away. "You need to get ready a little faster you know." He said to

me with what seemed to be a permanent stern look on his face. I wasn't going to

argue with him today. It was too splendid out to fight, so I just nodded my head

and smiled. I went through the day feeling great. School seemed as if it had

zoomed by and before I knew it I was walking home. The weather was still the

same, if not better by now. As I passed little children on my way home I smiled

thinking about when I was little how great it was then. The worst thing in the

world then was a scraped knee, and now it was a broken heart.

     As I neared my house I got a chill down my spine, like a cold gush of air

when you open the freezer. I didn't think anything of it at the time. It was just a

chill and I got them all the time. But now I know to be scared when I get one of

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those; they mean something. I opened the door to find my grandmother sitting at

the kitchen table. "Uhh, Hi Grandma". I said kind of confused being that my

Grandmother lives in Jersey City, and doesn't normally come unannounced. I

had noticed my dad's van in the parking lot but I didn't seem to see him any

where in the house. "Oh hello Kate, I've been here since two o'clock I was

wondering what time you were going to get out of school", she said with a

strange choked up voice. "Where's my Dad?" I asked her as I threw my bags on

the couch. "Something happened while you were in school." A wave of intensity

came over me. I had already lost one parent, there's no way God can take them

both away from me, I thought. My Grandmother explained that my Father had

passed out in the house while he was getting ready for work.

     I was in a state of shock, I didn't know what to say or think. When my dad

was younger, he was in Vietnam and he was affected, like most soldiers, by

Agent Orange, a spray they used to kill the tall weeds in the jungle. At the time

they weren't sure of the affects it would have on the soldiers. Unfortunately they

learned the hard way. My Dad was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1994 and the

doctors told him he had five months to live. Obviously they were wrong as

doctors often are. He was doing fine up until about 2 months before the passing

out incident. When I arrived at the hospital that day I was very shaken up. As

soon as I saw him sitting there in the hospital bed as white as a ghost, I burst

into tears. Something inside me said this is the beginning of the end.

     My Dad never came home from the hospital after that. The doctor's said

what he was suffering from was merely a case of strep throat. Shows how much

they know.Two months and two hospital's later, my Dad passed away. It's been

10 months now that he has been gone, and I often wonder what I ever did to

deserve the loss of my parents. Although this was not a pleasant experience, it

has taught me to never take anyone for granted, for they may be here at one

second and a memory in the wind at the next.

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