The Government's Integrity

The Government's Integrity

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     The Government’s Integrity

According to Webster’s dictionary a militia is “all able-bodied male citizens between 18 and 45
years old who are not already members of regular armed forces.” If only it was that simple.
Individual fear of government corruption has lead to a wide spread militia movement. This
movement has been going on ever since the early 80’s and is growing stronger today.
     In the beginning there were only two major militia groups: The Order, and the Posse
Comitatus. “The Order was the most violent and notorious domestic terrorist group of the 80’s”
( Founded in 1983 by Robert
Mathews, it was one of the first racists militia groups. It gathered it’s members from the National
Alliance, Aryan Nation, and other Klan splinter groups. Mathews felt that it was his duty in life
to lead a revolution against government and all non-white citizens of the U.S. During the first
year of existence, the Order stole close to $26,000 in order to launch a counterfeiting operation.
In total, the Order stole over four-million dollars from banks and armored trucks. Mathews and
his followers were more than just thieves, they were also one of the first domestic terrorist
groups. Members of the Order carried out strategic bombings and planned assassinations. Two
people that were targeted were Walter West and Alan Berg. Walters was a members of the Order
accused of “talking to much.” In May of 1994, Walters was driven into to the woods by other
members of the Order who shot and buried him. The second target, Alan Berg, was a Jewish
talk-radio host. The Order tried to scare him off the air, but their threats did little to Berg. After
several heated conversation Bergs was shot and killed in front of his house. The Order continued
with their reign of terror by robbing a Brink’s armored vehicle escaping with approximately four
million dollars. All of this would have gone without incident but Mathews carelessly left a pistol
at the scene of Berg’s murder. The FBI later traced it back to the Order. At the same time,
Thomas Martinez was arrested for trying to use a counterfeit bill. Martinez made a plea with
authorities and exposed the Order. In total, twenty-two members arrested, fined, and some of the
members were given life sentences. R. Mathews being the solider he is died in a shootout with
law enforcement. In December 1984, the life of the Order had come to an end.
     During the time of the Order’s reign, the Posse Comitatus was also in action.

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Comitatus is
Latin for “power of force of the country” ( William P. Gale
was the initial creator of the Posse but in 1983 was later made famous by Gordon Kahl. Kahl
murdered two federal marshals in N. Dakota; he was later killed by Arkansas police. After his
death the Posse saw him as a martyr. The Posse is “a group of dedicated people nationwide that
believes that the federal government has grossly over stepped it bounds”
( They believe in authority only at the county level,
disregarding state and federal laws. No member of the Posse carries paper; they disbelieve in any
government documents including: drivers licenses and social security cards. Although less
violent than the Order, the Posse has had its “run ins” with the law. In 1991, James Wickstone, a
Posse leader in Michigan, was convicted of conspiracy to distribute $100,000 in counterfeit bills
at an Aryan Nation meeting. After serving his time in prison, Wickstone, along with fellow
identity “pastor” Augest Kries, started a web site. In expressing his desire to replace the present
government with his Identity-based theocracy, Kries writes:
I have heard it said that if those of us who are adherents to Racial Identity
ever come to power there would be lees tolerance in this country than there is
now. I would have to agree with that statement. Because, we would bring this
country back under God’s law! We are not in this fight to regain a piece of paper
that doesn’t even mention God! [the U.S. Constitution] It’s because of that piece
of paper that we’re in this mess we’re in now . . . Tolerance, is the whole problem!
We would have his [sic] law . . .there would be NO tolerance.
The Posse fears that the government is going to establish a New World Order (NWO): a single
government that will possess total control over the entire world.
     Individual fear of the NWO combined with racial hatred has caused individual’s to take matter
into their own hands. The most notorious of them is Louis Beam. Sometimes Klansman and
Neo-Nazi, Beam has always been a leading advocate of anti-government and “Aryan” violence.
Beam first came onto the scene in 1968 when he joined forces with R. Shelton’s, United Klan’s
of America. It was no surprise that in 1976 Beam joined forces with D. Duke’s Knights of the
KKK. His only responsibility was to teach the Klan “guerilla warfare” tactics. Wanting his own
followers, Beam broke ties with Drake and became the Grand Dragon of the Texas Knights of
the KKK. It was here that he formed this group into a para-military militia called the Texas
Emergency Reserve. The group was comprised of 2,500 ex-Vietnam military personal trained in
hand-to-hand combat and guerilla warfare. Beams would often boast that his men were not only
trained by ex-military personal, but they were trained by active-duty military personal as well. In
1981, Beam helped a group of white American fisherman trying to drive out 75 Vietnamese
families from Galveston Bay. This was his first chance to try and start a race war. In an effort to
rally people to join his war, Beam made the following statement: “Enough of this lip service and
no action. It is time to begging to train. It is time to begin to reclaim this country for white
people. Now I want you to understand that they’re not just going to give it back to us. If you
want it, you’re going to have to get it the way the founding fathers got it-Blood! Blood! Blood!”
(Dees, 3) After rallying his men, Beam and his followers burned an old shrimp boat with the
words “U.S. Vietcong” painted on the side of it as a warning. During the weeks prior to the
opening day of shrimp season, the Texas Reserve burned crosses on the families’ yard, burned
two more boats, and made numerous threatening phone calls. As a final warning, a group of
white American fisherman and fifteen of Beam’s men patrolled the bay displaying guns and
KKK attire. If the Southern Poverty Law Center had not got involved, Beam’s plan would have
been a success. Lead by founder Morris Dee, the Vietnamese fisherman fished on opening day.
Seeing his defeat, Beam left Texas and joined force with Richard Butler- leader of the Aryan
Nation. It was here that Beam was appointed Ambassador-at-large, where his sole responsibility
was to recruit members. Here, Beam came up with the idea behind “leaderless resiance”. This
new type of militia had no central power.
     Two major events caused American to gather arms a fight back against the government. The
first of these was the infamous incident atop Ruby Ridge. Randy Weaver was a disbeliever of
the government, and he built a cabin atop Ruby Ridge in case of the NWO. Weaver was wanted
by police for selling two sawed-off shotguns to an under-cover agent. Instead of showing up to
his court hearing Randy, his wife, son, and two daughters fled to their hide out. During the
previous years, the Weavers had stock-pilled the cabin with plenty of food, guns, ammunition,
and other items in preparation for the finial battle. For seventeen months, the marshal services
kept a close eye on the Weavers activity. Then on August 21, 1992, the marshals decided to
move in. Sending two marshal in for close surveillance was the spark that ignited the fire. The
two agents were discovered by Striker, the Weaver’s dog. Not wanting to be discovered, one of
the agent’s shot and killed the dog. Outraged by this, Randy and his son went to look for the
dog’s murderers. What happened next is a mystery, but, according to Randy, they spotted the
agent and a gun fight broke out. In the end, a U.S. marshal and Randy’s son, Sam, were dead.
This only made matters worse. The ensuing day, a sniper was given the order to shoot any armed
adult male, instead he shot and killed Randy’s wife Vicki who was carrying their ten-month old
daughter. This highly trained sniper was aiming for Randy but accidentally hit Vicki as she was
holding a door open for him. After this Randy told law enforcement: ‘“Whether we live or
whether we die . . . we will not obey your lawless government”’ (Dees, 10). The death of Sam
and Vicki gather attention from all over the country. People from all over came in support of
Randy and his cause. Among them was Louis Beam and James “Bo” Gritz. Gritz, a retired
Green-Beret came to stop further blood shed. Gritz carried a letter to Randy stating that no more
blood shed is necessary and that the death of his family will not go without proper punishment.
On August 31, Randy Weaver carrying his ten-month old daughter surrendered. The siege was
finally over but the war had just begun.
The second major event that caused Americans to take up arms and fight back against the
government was the incident at the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. David Korish, lead a cult
that made the compound their sanctuary. Korish was wanted by Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire
Arms (ATF) agents for the illegal sales of guns. When ATF agents stormed the compound, it
turned out to be a complete disaster. Losing the element of surprise, the ATF engaged in a gun
fight that left four dead agents and sixteen wounded officers. Five members of the Korish’s
group were killed, one of which was Korish’s two-year old daughter. After this, ATF officers
tried to negotiate with Korish. It turned out to be a slight success: twenty women and children
were released. The death of the five members gained the attention from militias across the
country. After fifty-one days of negotiations, the FBI grew restless. On April 19, 1993, they
attempted a second raid. This attempt ended in a great loss by both parties. A chain of events
caused the compound to burst into flames. When the fire was finally extinguished and the dead
were totaled, seventy-five Davidans were slain. This sent the American public into a raged state.
“I’m ready to get my guns and my clips and take off my safety and pull the trigger with my
finger. I don’t care anymore. This is the beginning of a revolution, a war” ( Stern, 78).
It was no surprise that after the recent turn of events a major militia movement was ignited.
This spark created one of the most influential and prominate militia groups ever to inhabit this
country. The Militia of Montana (MOM) was founded in February, 1994 by John Trouchmann,
his brother David, and David’s son Randy. Together they gathered four-thousand fellow
Americans to join their quest against the government. “ The MOM is an educational
organization of the freedom of All Citizens of the State of Montana and of the U.S.”
( Located in the tiny town of Nixon, Montana, MOM
has made it clear to the public about their feeling towards the New World Order (NWO).
MOM’s philosophy is to establish government at the county level and uphold the right of the
Second Adamant. Members of MOM are encouraged to arm themselves with a combat knife, an
AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, and 600 rounds of .223 ammunition. They also encourage each
member to take part in the study of guerilla warfare. Unlike like previous militia group’s who
made their money by robbing or counterfeiting, the Militia of Montana received most of it’s
money from selling their books and manuals. Their M.O.D training manuals sells for
seventy-five dollars. In this 200 page book it contains detailed instructions on: how to raid
armories, coordinate sabotage attacks, and how to execute key targets. MOM’s best selling book
is their own manual on how to form militia groups. This manual was quickly adopted by
thousands across the country. Once the seed was planted it didn’t take long for the crop to grow.
One of the largest of these new breeds of militia groups was the Michigan Militia. Founded in
1994 by Norman Olsen and Ray Southweell, it quickly became one of the countries largest
militia groups with six to seven thousand members. Like MOM, the Michigan Militia is not a
singled-issued entity. Their main concern is to get the federal government out of Michigan.
“When you turnover your state law to the federal government, you also turn over the power to
enforce that law” (Dees 84). Unlike the Posse, and the Texas Militia, the Michigan Militia and
MOM are not based on racist issues. They are more concerned with the right to bear arms and
return the government of this country back to it’s people.
Although some militia’s might inquire idea’s from multiple origins, most militia are single
issued. There are three major types, race based militia’s, anti-government militia’s, and religious
based militia’s. One of the biggest race-based militia’s in the country is the Aryan Nation (AN).
The AN is a paramilitary hate organization formed in the mid-70’s by Richard Butler. It . Butler
views Hitler as a mentor, and is trying to finish what Hitler started. According to the AN the
only people that belong in this country is the pure white Aryan race. At an AN conference Butler
was quoted in saying: “the Jew’s are like a destroying virus that attacks our racial body to destroy
our Aryan culture and the purity of our race” (
In the mid-80’s, the Aryan Nation upset many American and was forced to move under ground.
During the early 90’s, the AN gathered momentum and resurface with a bang. In 1991, thirteen
hate crime’s including six murders were directly linked to the Aryan Nation. Other racist militia
groups include the Klu Klux Klan, the Neo-Nazi’s, and the White Brotherhood of America. Two
examples of anti-government militia’s are the Michigan Militia and the Militia of Montana. The
Posse is an example of a religious militia group.
Unlike militia’s of the past, the next generation militia group are small in members. These
“secret cells” inspired by Louis Beam, are comprised of four to six members. According to
Beam, “ groups with pyramid structure are extremely dangerous . . . they are easy prey for
government infiltration, entrapment, and destruction . . .” (Dees, 206). These men associate with
each other using numbers instead of names. The carry military style assault rifles, head to toe
camouflage, with exceptional military training. Each member is assigned a special task. These
groups can be compared to Navy Seal Teams. Two members carry M-60’s with a thousand
rounds a piece, two other members carry long range sniper weapons capable of hitting targets at a
thousand yards, and the last two members carry M-16’s and multiple explosive devices. With
age’s ranging from early twenties to late forties, these men bring a lot of fighting experience.
Secret cells of popping up all over the country, but their ghost like tactics make them translucent.
Most cell will go to any extent not to be found, including wearing mylar-layered clothing in order
to avoid infrared scanning by aircraft’s. Most of their training is to prepare for the final day.
This day is compared to another civil war. These men are able of defending themselves against
federal attacks. Having no regards to any form of government control these cells will kill anyone
who gets in their way, including law enforcement.
With so many people involved in militia activity, one must question the government’s
integrity. Ramification must occur. Opposers of militia groups refer to them as devils, trying to
turn this nation into hell. That’s a misconception. If one wants to talk about killing people for a
certain cause, one only need to look at the government. After all, wasn’t it our government that
killed thousands of Native Americans to steal this country in the first place. “ It is a heavy
burden of responsibility for us to bear since most of the victims of our bomb were only pawns
who were no more committed to the sick philosophy or the racially destructive goals of the
System than we are” (Dees 147). Louis Beam couldn’t have said it better when talking about the
corruption taking place in our government. He said,
Hello, my fellow Americans and all my friends around the world. When a
government engages in terrorism against its own citizens, it should not be a
surprise when some of those citizens strike back and engage in terrorism against
the government. Terrorism is nasty business . . . but terrorism is a form of warfare
and, in war, most of the victims are noncombatants. Certainly none of us condone
the killing of children. But in fact, it is the Clinton which has led the way in
killing of children. The hatred one hears in [Clinton’s and Reno’s] voices when
they talk about Oklahoma City bombers is not because children were killed, it’s
because they know that the bomb was aimed at them. American’s haven’t had a
real war fought on their own sod for 130 years . . . I think things are about to
change. (Dees, 176).
If the citizen of this country don’t stand up and get their country back, the New World Order is
inevitable. It’s unfortunate that action speak louder than words.

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